Which Foredom Pendant Motor Should I Buy? A Jewellers Guide with Petra Cameron (podcast episode) — Jewellers Academy

With Petra Cameron

If there’s one thing we jewellers share it is a love of tools! But sometimes those big tool purchases can be a bit bewildering.

Purchasing a Foredom pendant motor is one of the most important investments you can make in your jewellery business. But with so many different motor types, attachments, and confusing terminology, it’s difficult to know what to buy. In this episode, Petra Cameron of Metal Clay Ltd. shares a helpful guide to choosing a pendant motor. She describes the different types of motors, flex shafts, speed controls, and hand pieces, and she shares a basic list of the things every new jeweller should purchase.

Episode Description:

  • In this episode, we’ll talk with Petra Cameron about choosing a pendant motor (0:50)

  • What is the first decision to make when buying a pendant motor? (6:30)

  • What are the differences between the main types of pendant motors? (11:14)

  • Which type of flex shaft is best? (15:17)

  • Should you get a desk speed control or a foot pedal? (17:57)

  • What are the most important hand pieces for jewellers to buy? (22:45)

  • Which attachments are your favourite? (34:16)

  • Can you talk us through the basic things a new jeweller should buy? (37:42)

  • How to connect with Petra (40:50)

Listen to the episode on the player below: