One of the most expensive yet exquisite jewellery is platinum. Despite its high price, many people have a craving for platinum. It is highly advisable that this jewellery is maintained properly. However, most of them fail to show proper care and their platinum jewellery loses its glitz with time, reflecting dullness. To retain the sheen of your jewellery, you have to follow certain steps, which are described in detail below.

Storing: The first main blunder that most of us make in storing platinum jewellery is keeping it along with other jewellery like gold. An individual jewellery box or chamois bag will be the right choice to store your jewellery. This way, you can avoid your jewellery from getting scratched. While buying diamond and platinum jewellery in online, make sure that you are not scammed by the fake ones.

Polishing: Every jewellery type has a natural lustre and platinum is one among them. This jewellery doesn’t reflect the same shine that it had once reflected when you purchased. Therefore, you need to show proper care for making it look brand new. All you have to do is contact a professional who is experienced in platinum polishing and get your jewellery polished. You can even seek help from reliable online jewellery stores.

Cleaning: One of the most important maintenance tips is cleaning jewellery on regular basis. You can use the same cleaning method that you used for cleaning gold jewellery. Seeking help from a professional cleaner from local or online jewellery stores would be a great idea. However, you can clean jewellery at home as well. In a small bowl, add mild detergent, water and ammonia to form a solution. Use this solution with a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub away the dirt from your jewellery. Rinse the jewellery with fresh water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

When not to wear?
It is always good to remove your jewellery before performing household chores, gardening and other heavy work. This way, you can avoid your platinum jewellery from developing scratches and scrapes.

Got an insight on the maintenance tips for platinum jewellery? Henceforth, follow these steps to keep your platinum jewellery shining forever. To find the latest designs buy from any reputed online store. However, make sure to check their credentials and reputation before proceeding with the payment. By planning your purchase on special occasions or during festivals, you can avail special discounts or deals offered by the store.

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