A nighttime skincare routine is not just indulgent; it is necessary. No matter how much you prioritize skincare throughout the day, if you go out and get back home not doing anything before bedtime, you’re setting your skin up for doom. 

Here are some of the reasons to care for your skin before you turn in for the night:


You’re Not Exposed to Outside Pollution for Hours


Your skin needs hydration and moisturization the whole day, but when you’re outside and sweating while doing your chores, it’s hard to keep the skin looking its best. This is not a problem when you’re in bed for hours and don’t have to worry about air pollution clogging your pores. This means it’s the perfect time to load up on moisturizing and revitalizing products such as a sleeping mask that won’t be washed away by sweat. When you wake up, feel your soft skin and rinse only with water for the best results.  

Sleep Aids in Skin Repair


Cell regeneration is an important part of having youthful skin. When you’re still young, this is not a problem because your body is able to produce new cells and shed off dead skin cells. As you age, your body becomes less efficient in this process. This means you need products that will aid in skin repair, and you need them to stay on your skin to do their job. Again, this is better done at night. Once you’ve settled down in bed, the products you have applied on your skin will start to activate cell repair, and when you wake up, the process is done. 

You Sleep Feeling Pampered

When you feel good about yourself, you glow on the outside. Now pair that feel-good look with a good skincare routine. Before bed, you’re giving yourself some me-time, thinking of nothing else but yourself. When you sleep, you feel content because you’re in tune with your skincare needs, and this may lead to more restful sleep. When you wake up from a night of pampering, you notice the positive effects immediately. In contrast, when you’ve been out all night drinking, you’ll notice your skin looking dull and dry the next day. 

You’re Keeping Aging at Bay


They say age is just a number, but it’s a scary number when you think of how much it can affect your social life. You don’t want the comments about your wrinkles, and you don’t want to look in the mirror just to see fine lines. You’ll be happier with skin that looks a decade or so younger than your peers, and to get this, you’ll need to invest in night creams and eye creams that need the whole night to do their job. Without these in your nightly routine, you’ll look every bit your age. 

The time you spend pampering your skin does not have to take up your waking time. If you give your skin everything it needs before bedtime, you’ll wake up to fresh skin and it won’t even disturb your busy schedule.