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In an unprecedented pandemic and government health protocols, has the novel coronavirus killed off Black Friday 2020? The writing seems to be written on the walls – in digital ink. The pandemic has ushered in a new wave of e-commerce technologies to enable more retailers and shoppers to take advantage of discounted prices and the upturn in business.

What we will experience for Black Friday 2020 will not be a one-day sales event as in previous years, but the majority of big-name retailers have signalled that they will be running festive season shopping specials instead. Governments around the world have created laws and regulations concerning the movement of people. Fewer people will get a chance to go to physical stores on Black Friday. We will not witness those long queues of people lining up outside stores as was the case in previous years.

The answer is online. To take advantage of the sales and discounts, read about the fashion online retail companies’ methods to help you to continue your shopping from the comfort of your home. A name you will see is Zaful and to better understand how customers are able to shop online with them, it is best to read their customer’s feedback and reviews.

Black Friday is undoubtedly going to be held as an online event in 2020 and the foreseeable future. Retailers are forced to re-invent how they create Black Friday engagement and sales with potential customers. This will most likely be marketing drives to push customers online: in fact, many major retailers have confirmed that they will close their stores for Thanksgiving weekend.

e-Commerce offers frictionless and contactless purchasing. There has already been a massive upswing in online sales since coronavirus swept across America. The stats are incredible: the online sales figures of 2020 from January 1 to October 1 has already surpassed the total online sales of 2019 (including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Festive Season shopping).

Black Friday in 2020 will just not hold the same value to shoppers as it did in 2019 and previous years. There are simply too many sales and discounts from every retailer to attract business online. Another aspect of Black Friday shopping that cannot be disregarded: there is more unemployment and financial uncertainty across America as the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many businesses and companies to close their doors.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a shopping and business bubble in which retailers are able to offer discounts and sales on nearly all products as they seek to ship as much inventory as possible. As many households were forced into lockdown, the majority of online shopping purchases accounted for groceries. That has shifted to more common goods, luxury items, and sports goods. Now with the Festive Season fast approaching, stores and retailers are already touting their Festive Season and winter lines of products to satisfy the demand. Across the board, retailers are gearing up their websites’ and servers for what they expect to be a record sales season.

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