Why FOPE is the jewellery range you’ve been waiting for

Newsflash: jewellery is back. Like, properly back. After a decade-plus in the sartorial hinterlands, silver, gold, diamonds and jewels of all hues have reclaimed their rightful places on the fingers, wrists and necks of men.

There’s a real joy to being a jewellery guy – an easy-going confidence conveyed through those fleeting glints of precious metals. For some, jewellery never went away – there are plenty of signet-wearers and pendant pedants for whom this will be preaching to the converted. But for many, wearing jewellery hasn’t felt like an option for quite some time. Unless you’ve inherited an heirloom from a particularly dapper uncle or managed to stumble across a perfectly understated little number in the back streets of Paris, classy options have been limited.

Until now, that is. In 2022, there’s a new wave of goldsmiths making men’s jewellery interesting, elegant and infinitely wearable – chief among them, FOPE.

Everyday luxury

Now, FOPE isn’t exactly a newcomer. The Italian brand has been around for almost a century, but for much of that time its efforts have been focused on women. But after in-the-know men started wearing its signature Flex’it bracelets, FOPE debuted its first dedicated men’s line last year.

The Flex’it bracelet remains the headliner – blending traditional goldsmithing with modern technological innovation, it boasts tiny gold springs hidden between each link for flexibility and a comfortable, roll-on form. While the original Flex’it bracelets had broad appeal across the genders, FOPE’s new Panorama collection adds a masculine edge. Each piece is hewn from 18 carat gold and set with black diamonds (brilliant- or princess-cut), making them ideal for stacking with fine watches. The black diamond goes particularly well with a dark dial, but really there are no rules: a white gold Flex’it gives sharp contrast to an alligator or leather strap, while rose gold options can be clashed with the stainless steel bracelet of a sports watch.

man wearing a gold bracelet

Ivan Grianti

Dress up

Gold cufflinks, £2,405


Opportunities for formalwear aren’t as plentiful as they once were, so when the dress code calls for it, it’s worth giving it your all. Cufflinks are one way to up the ante, adding flair and personality to tailoring. FOPE’s, available with or without black diamonds, are made using the same 18 carat gold mesh chain, a nice bit of continuity that helps unify a look. Subtle enough to be worn with semi-formal or office wear but distinguished enough for even black tie, they’re a versatile bit of kit that will earn their spot in your wardrobe.

Constant companion

There’s something especially intimate about wearing a ring – find the right one and it becomes a part of your daily ritual, a constant signpost for your personal style. A FOPE Flex’it ring is a silent communicator of discerning taste, of an appreciation for craft, intelligent design and premium materials (as with the entire range, all Flex’it rings are made from 18 carat gold and set with diamonds). With its ergonomic design, utilising the same hidden-spring technology as the Flex’it bracelet, it’s the sort of piece that will fast become part of your everyday routine – and won’t ever leave it.

man holding a jacket wearing a gold ring

Ivan Grianti

Indulge in everyday luxury with FOPE

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