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Everyone is aware that e-commerce is the future, and the majority of individuals desire to launch their own online businesses. But the real question is, what are they going to sell? Finding profitable items and ideas for a business is a common difficulty, but people often do not know where to look. Selling FBA private label goods is one way to turn a profit. As an Amazon seller you should know about blackbox amazon and its benefits to increase your revenue growth.

You must be aware of the concept of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), where you may make good money by selling goods made by others. However, because there is so much competition in the market and thousands of sellers are offering the same product, you must conduct some product research before selling your goods. Therefore, you must locate products with great demand and little competition. The main issue is where to go for such a thing, though. Utilizing the Helium 10 black box is the solution.

What is Black Box?

By using intelligent filters like search by product category, monthly sales revenue, price, weight, view rating, number of images, and number of sellers who are selling that product, a black box is a tool created by Helium 10 that assists sellers in finding winning product ideas. This allows you to select the product that best suits your needs.

More than 450 million products can be tracked using a Black box. The black box, which analyses the whole Amazon marketplace by examining product competitiveness, revenue, and market information, is the best and most potent instrument available. It provides you with precise statistics after studying the market and using numerous filters.

What is the Black box’s mechanism?

Black Box initially needs to comprehend the filters on a product before selecting one. Let’s examine a few of the crucial filters.

  • Monthly Income:

This provides information on the monthly revenue generated by a product on Amazon.

  • Daily Sales:

This filter shows the average number of units sold on Amazon each month.

  • Several Amazon sellers include:

This shows the level of competition, such as how many Amazon sellers there are for a particular product.

  • Title Keywords: 

Using this filter, you can look for specific keywords associated with the products you’re interested in. It may also be useful for SEO.

  • Pricing: 

By using this filter, you may determine the market’s average price for your goods

Advantages of Black Box

  • Has a product database with more than 450 million items.
  • Get answers in a flash.
  • Precise data
  • Aid you in using strategic data to make better decisions.
  • Provides sophisticated smart filters
  • Discovers innovative product concepts
  • Superior outcomes

In the cutthroat Amazon marketplace, the Helium 10 black box product research tool provides you with cutting-edge outcomes. Helium Black box is the ultimate all-in-one Amazon database, so you should check it out when doing product research for Amazon.

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