The lingerie industry is always looking for new styles of lingerie to excite their most treasured patrons. They’ve created various styles to suit taste, class, visual appeal and comfort. And yet, most women are still aghast at how a certain piece of lingerie can actually change one’s intimate life for a long time.

Many women have not known lingerie beyond their daily night gowns, bras and panties. But the truth is that there is a long list of various lingerie types that you can find at a nearby department store or even online. And these sets of lingerie are as oozing with sensuality and sexiness as they ought to be. One of the most popular lingerie types is the teddy.

Teddies were also called the camiknickers in the earlier days because it is a camisole and a knicker combined. The modern teddy, which we see almost everyday is now a one-piece garment that resembles a swimsuit which is made to fit one’s luscious curves. They originated in the early 20th century and were absolutely famous for their flexibility and ability to fit under any dress, and they were also known for their ability to elicit sensual desire.

Because of the teddies tight body-hugging features, one can wear it as an undergarment for any dress. However, the shock of using it today may be related to the exposure it gets because it is worn by the most famous sexy actresses in sensual love scenes, making it symbolic for lust and sex. But anyway, anyone who will dare say that it is far beyond sexy will be lying.

Sexy teddies, as they are most fondly called, do enhance the intimate lives of many couples because of the visual stimulation that they provide for men and the confident, sexy feeling that they provide for women. In fact, teddies are mostly worn to flash a curvaceous body nowadays, more than to strictly wear for comfort.

There are many types of teddies that are available today; they differ according to style and form. There are elegant teddies, which are basically for those who like to wear them with different types of dresses, day-wear or evening wear. And then, there are sexy teddies, which are equipped with the mission to create a visually stimulating body. There are also leather teddies which are mostly worn by women with a preference for leather. And of course, there are sheer, translucent teddies that are obviously made to be worn for romance.

According to form, there are a lot more teddy choices. Bareback teddies are usually the strappy ones that give the wearer a bareback form. These are very sexy and they can be worn without a bra. There are Body Briefer Teddies which are specifically designed to enhance the figure of the wearer. They are made of materials that follow the curves of a woman’s body, to enhance her assets and hide or control her other parts. There are also what we call Fashion Top Teddies, which are composed of a thong panty, bra and fashion top. The Sleep Teddy, however, is designed for comfort. And the tediettes are a style of teddy that has detachable garters.

To be desirable and feel beautiful is the obligation of every woman, not only for her husband’s sake, but for herself.

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