I Tried Short Par 4’s Personal Style Caddie Box, Here’s What I Found

Short Par 4 is a monthly golf apparel subscription that acts as your personal style caddie for the links. SP4 works with brands like Oakley, Under Armour, Callaway, 1764 Golf, and more to deliver top-tier golf apparel reflective of your liking.

No matter what you shoot on the day, the one constant is Short Par 4 will have you looking your best on the course.

How Short Par 4’s Monthly Style Package Works

Short Par 4 has direct lines to the best golf brands on the market. It’s because of these relationships they’re able to secure golf gear and apparel for a discount they can pass on to the SP4 subscriber.

There are two types of Short Par 4 memberships for men: the Fairway Membership and the Executive Membership.

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The Fairway is the original membership and contains the best golf apparel brands at the lowest price. You can expect to get full outfits, in-package offerings, and more each month.

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With the Executive Membership, you’ll get the same structure of package as the Fairway, except you’ll receive more gear and a higher level of curation.

Other Short Par 4 Memberships

Short Par 4 offers the Magnolia Membership for women. The brand’s style caddies will curate a custom SP4 box in the same way they would for guys.

A lot of times our significant other will join us on the links. A Magnolia Membership would be ideal to pair alongside your own package. One for you, and one for her!

Short Par 4 also has The Glove Club. Similar to how the apparel membership works, you’ll receive a monthly deployment of soft, buttery smooth golf gloves at your door.

If you tear through your gloves after two rounds of 18 like me, the Glove Club is an ideal membership to add to your regular SP4 package.

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Review of Short Par 4 Fairway & Executive Memberships

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Short Par 4’s Fairway and Executive package for the month of March. Below I’ll break down the delivery of my shipment, as well as the contents and quality of garments in each membership package.

Delivery and Packaging of Short Par 4 Memberships

For starters, I was impressed with the packaging of the clothes. They came protected package with SP4 branding. One thing I liked was how the packaging was tightly secured.

Sometimes brands will send apparel in bags with lots of room inside, which leads the clothes will move around and wrinkle—this was not the case with Short Par 4.

I received two individually wrapped packages, one for the Fairway Membership and the other for the Executive Membership. In the packages were individual zip bags for each piece of apparel.

It didn’t matter if it was an SP4 t-shirt or a Graham Luxe pullover, the garments were neatly folded in a nice square inside the zip-lock packaging.

Most of the zip bags even contained cardboard inserts to hold the shape of the clothes and prevent wrinkling. I liked this packaging feature a lot due to the fact that performance golf apparel can be difficult to keep folded neatly.

All in all, I enjoyed how clean the packaging was and how the delivery was void of any balled-up disasters.

I could honestly take the clothes out of the package and throw them on en route to the course if I wanted to.

The Fairway Membership

My Fairway Membership was the thinner package of the two. It’s important to note that Fairway is the original membership, it doesn’t contain apparel of lesser quality and shouldn’t be perceived as cheap.

I know this to be true because I received two pieces of apparel from Graham Luxe, a brand part of 1764 Golf. Inside was a white and blue dotted polo and a Carolina blue pullover.

I knew I was going to get something good from SP4, but I wasn’t expecting the attention to detail in the curation.

Instead of just tossing in a polo and a pullover from two separate brands that may or may not match, Short Par 4 set me up with a duo that pairs together perfectly.

All I have to do to create my golf outfit was throw on a pair of navy pants or khaki chino shorts. A clean and easy outfit ready to go.

Short Par 4 also tossed in one of its signature St. Patricks Day poker chips—an indication that shows SP4 makes these packages in real-time and with attention to the specific time of the year.

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The Executive Membership

Executive Membership essentially was the same as the Fairway except the quantity and brand diversity was kicked up a notch.

For starters, I got Short Par 4’s Masters tee with the Augusta-inspired logo. I also received a green Graham Luxe pullover that matches quite well with the SP4 shirt if I wanted to wear them together.

Next, I discovered a unique guitar-print polo from 1764 Golf and a pair of Callaway tech pants. Let me tell you these pants are the real deal and perhaps my favorite garment out of all the boxes.

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And back to the guitar polo, you can see how intricate and vibrant the pattern is when viewed up close.

So with the Fairway, I got one solid outfit to pair with my best pants or shorts.

With the Executive, I got two solid outfit combinations plus the pants to wear them with. I could wear the 1764 polo with the Callaway pants or I could wear the green pullover and a basic white polo with the pants.

Notes on Value in Each Short Par 4 Box

Short Par 4 describes its offerings in three words, “Value. Convenience. Style.”

It’s safe to say they hit the mark on all of those claims. I especially saw the value in each box based on what I received.

The Fairway Membership is $54.99 per month. The polo from Graham Luxe alone is worth that much—if not more! I also received a pullover that’s worth well over $120 if I had to guess.

The Executive Membership is $109.95 per month. I know dang well those Callaway tech pants are close to a C-note. Then I received a premium t-shirt, a polo worth around $60, and a pullover worth well over $120!

I found the overall value in the box to be excellent.

Final Thoughts

No matter what membership you choose, you’ll be safe knowing at the turn of each month an entirely new package of stylish apparel will arrive at your doorstep.

I can count on Short Par 4 to instantly level up my golf style.

As for my game, only practice is going to help me lower my handicap. But you know what they say about dressing well in golf, “If you look good, you’ll play good.”

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