Classic jewellery pieces, a sprawling space for guests to sit and choose their jewellery pieces, is now the flagship store of jewellery designer Sheetal Zaveri. With the launch of her new collection Rooh, Sheetal has made her way to designing gold jewellery that really looks stunning and can be worn at times when you choose to look classy and glamorous. From designing jewellery for many celebrities to carving her way to success, she has left no stone unturned to make her jewellery line look fabulous.

Talking about her journey thus far in the jewellery industry, Sheetal narrates, “I got married into the Vithaldas Zaveri family. I loved to create pieces that I like to wear and that is how I started creating pieces for myself and my journey started. What I used to wear people used to like, they used to appreciate it. Then I started making it for the existing Vithaldas clients and then there was no looking back.”

Sheetal is known for her silver jewellery pieces, but now with Rooh she has experimented with gold. “My initial forte was gold when I got married 18 years ago, I was doing gold all these years and then when I wanted to create more designs and bring little shift in the society for the young generations, destination weddings and people who travel abroad, for them I wanted to create something else and so created the silver line,” she says.

Sharing about the new collection Rooh and customising jewellery pieces, she says, “Rooh is the ancestral pieces that I assembled together and made them in a minimalistic way, so that people can wear it more often for small gatherings. We all have these heavy pieces from our parents and grandparents, but the younger generation wants to wear something minimal when they go out for pooja or lunch.

Most of my collection can be worn on every possible attire — from collar shirts to plain T-shirts and sarees. I make sure that people wear their jewellery more often. I make sure that I keep the aesthetic in mind like the colour combination and placements according to the person when they reach out for customisations with their jewellery.”

Recollecting her work with the celebrities, she says her favourite is actress Samantha. “I have given her many designs from the classics to the modern ones and she carried everything pretty well and they looked stunning on her too,” says Sheetal. Moving forward with her plans of taking the jewellery line, she says, “There are a couple of things in the pipeline and we are thinking about it, this was a milestone as it is the first store in Hyderabad. People here have a sense of style, they would love to go along with the trends,” she concludes on her view  on Hyderabad as the market for jewellery and fashion.