For most people, the day is a set of choices and decisions. The moment you wake up, you decide between getting up or snoozing. Everything at work also requires a level of commitment. If you don’t make decisions, you do not have any control over your life, and this will make you feel negatively about your skills. 

However, even when you make decisions, if they are guided by fear and lack of confidence, they do not necessarily help either. Here’s how to start your day with confidence: 

Commit to a Project 100% 

Experts suggest not leaving room for doubt when you want to do something. If you’re 95% committed, you may think that’s already high, but it leaves 5% room for doubt. There will be days that you question your skills, actions, or thoughts, no matter how rare they are. Commit 100%, however, and you just move forward because you’re sure it’s what you want to do and there is no room to second-guess yourself

Give Yourself Goals for the Day 

When you have a list of tasks to complete for the day, just looking at them all may already feel overwhelming. And when you’re overwhelmed, you don’t think clearly. You may even procrastinate because you don’t want to get to the tasks that initially look difficult. One small change is to start your day with smaller and easily achievable tasks, so you can gain more confidence as you tick them off your list. Before you know it, you’ve already finished even your biggest tasks without sweating it. 

Speak Your Confidence into Being 

You will not gain the confidence you need if you don’t believe you can do it. At the start of each day, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you will move forward with confidence. Reaffirm that you can do the things you want to do, and give yourself a couple of compliments. This is not vanity; this is just you putting your tools to good use. You can even do this while you’re watching self-improvement videos about face toner online or while choosing your outfits. Every second is a chance to strengthen your sense of self–don’t take them for granted. 

Take Mistakes Lightly 

One small mistake can be a learning experience or it can set you back a great deal. The truth is, everyone makes mistakes but the way you respond to them will determine whether you learn something or get so crippled by not doing everything perfectly. It’s true that mistakes may cost you, but they can also give you invaluable life lessons. Without making mistakes, you will not know how to avoid them in the future. So when you do make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up for it. 

When you go about your day with fear and indecision, you’re working against your own skills. Be kinder to yourself, support your own decisions, and uplift your mood with encouraging words. You don’t have to wait for others to do these for you. The sooner you learn to love yourself, the sooner you’ll learn to be confident.