Jeweller F. Hinds, with 114 stores across England and Wales, has launched Scandinavian watch brand Nordgreen in its stores and on its website.

Nordgreen is a brand specialising in the manufacturing of sustainable watches, with a goal to reduce its environmental impact. By using high quality materials, Nordgreen said it aims to extend the lifespan of their “classic timepieces”, suitable for everyday and occasion wear.

F. Hinds’ partnership with Nordgreen began with Nordgreen’s flagship timepiece, Guardian, being released into stores. This is exclusive to F.Hinds in the UK. Reportedly, Guardian “aims to be a stunning example of the true meaning of Scandinavian design” with an aim to “extend the life of a watch to the maximum”.

Natasha House, head of marketing at F. Hinds, said: “It’s wonderful to be stocking this new progressive brand. We all need to move forward and take accountability for our individual environmental impact, so why not start with the accessories you wear. 

“It’s the same reason why we encourage our customers to purchase long lasting jewellery pieces from us for those special life events – you can keep and wear them, and cherish them forever.”