Do you remember trying to purchase a piece of jewellery like a pair of earrings or a necklace perhaps, but you had to compromise with the given design, colour, karat and even the diamond quality. Has that ever happened to you? It sure does happen to many of us since we all have unique individual styles and fashion preferences. So we look for jewellery that sings to the tunes of our style statement.

In the ever-increasing pace of our daily lives, we all want things at the touch of a button or at a single tap of our finger, isn’t it? Well, now the same is possible with your fine jewellery shopping, with the limitations of customizing your jewellery being a thing of the past.

We brings the resolution to this need with our CUSTOMIZATION to your personalized jewellery designs the way you want, at a single tap of your finger. You can now match your jewellery with your style and pocket without compromising your choices. With just one tap, you can modify the Gold Purity, Metal colour, and Diamond Quality.


Metal Colour, Gold Karat, Diamond Quality Customization

When looking for earrings, rings, or even bracelets, we frequently want the jewellery to equip our style, theme, or event, and finding a design in the colour you want can sometimes be challenging. Now, with us, you just browse from the wide range of jewellery options, select the piece you love, Single click to change the gold colour, or the gold Karat from 18k to 14k or vice versa, or even the Diamond Quality from 5 different Diamond quality options I2 GH, SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH, VVS EF, without compromising on the design or your choice.



Free Engraving

Apart from the above customizations, we also provide free engraving for many of our jewellery options to add personalization to your choices. Engraving is ideal for adding a personal touch to your jewellery, deciding to gift or maybe even obtaining wedding bands. With Candere, you can now show yourself some love, find the perfect gift to show some love, or get the most memorable piece of jewellery with your personalized engraving.



Questions you need to ask yourself before you dive into wanting customization to your jewellery.

  • What is customized jewellery? – Customizing jewellery means making alterations to jewellery, like the Metal colour, Gold Karat, and Diamond Quality.
  • Is customized jewellery worth it? – Sometimes, one may think jewellery is not for them, but jewellery pieces with the option to make alterations give you the chance and perspective to have jewellery that suits all.
  • How will customization help you with raising your style statement? – Having varied Gold colour choices, Karat & Diamond quality, or personalized engraving gives your jewellery styling much better reach and exposure.
  • Where does your jewellery collection rank for yourself? – One should have a self ranking of their own collection that matches and fulfills your daily, office and occasion-based clothing and fashion.
  • Do gold colours match your personal fashion choices? – Everyone’s personalities are their own, and changes to the colour and diamond quality suit all personalities differently, and it is essential to know which combination suits yours.
  • How do you place gold karat and diamond quality in your jewellery selection? – Everyone’s choices are their own, and changes to the colour and diamond quality suit all personalities differently, and it is essential to know which combination suits yours.
  • How do the above questions help you with the cost aspect of your purchase? – Since fine jewellery is a definite and long term choice purchase. The above questions help you understand if your purchase journey will effectively make you smile with your personalized custom jewellery.

Now that we have dived into some clarity, ideas and options about customization, it’s time to get the perfect piece of jewellery for that perfect smile of yours. Let us get your started with your customization journey.