Fall is arriving, one of the biggest signs is when the Canadian geese start to warm up their wings. You can see them flying around in circles and squawking. They are such a beautiful animal, but that’s for another article.

As we transition from our summer wardrobe into fall, we start thinking about the new clothes and accessories such as jewelry required to be seen as fashionable.

To help you stay current with fall and winter 2008/09 fashions, this season’s top trends are highlighted below. The most stylish people though are usually not a slave to the latest fashion trend but rather wear what they love. While it’s great to have a few trendy pieces, the best fashions stand the test of time.

Actually for last season and this coming season many of the new “trends” are either somewhat of a continuation of previous season’s themes or are retro inspired. These retro trends make it perfect for shopping your closet.

Go in deep to the back of the closet you still have something from seventies and/or 80s in there, unless of course you weren’t born yet, in this case raid your mother’s closet. Some of you (or your mom) may even have pieces that work beautifully for the 50s glam pin up look.

This season basically every era is back and you’ll look right on trend wearing any retro decade piece – just be cautious not to over do it. One or two retro pieces, whether in apparel or artisan jewelry, paired with a more contemporary element works really well. Designers commonly use this technique as a way to make retro fashions look contemporary or trendy. They add a new twist to the retro style either in design, fabric or accessories.

Dig out and recycle/reuse those beautiful retro pieces from the back of the closet and mix them up with fresh elements, you’ll be looking perfectly stylish.

There are several trend themes listed below which apply to both apparel and artisan jewelry. Remember that your accessories especially artisan jewelry can really put the finishing details on the outfit. Don’t forget though to look at what you already have and add new pieces only where you need them, this will save you money and time shopping and is eco responsible.

Here are a few of the Fall/Winter 2008/09 trends:


Two overarching trends are:

i. A mix of day for night. This does not mean wearing a ball gown to the office but rather mixing a wardrobe element which one would traditionally wear as evening wear with daywear. For example wearing a sequin tank say under a blazer for a little daytime sparkle.

ii. Trends that run through both apparel and accessories Most of the trends are affecting all elements of the outfit which provide greater flexibility. You can choose how far to go with the trend by the elements and number of them you select. For example if you want to be a little more subtle you can just add a piece of artisan jewelry that reflects the trend rather than a whole outfit of the trend.

Color Trends

Apparel and artisan jewelry in purple, pink, deep red, green and blue are hot, as are metallic pieces (discussed in the Metallic trend theme below)

I. Isn’t It Romantic

Traditionally fall fashions conjure up ideas of woolly sweaters, this season there is a nice counter balance to bundling up. Fall romance with flowing fabrics and romantic accessories, a la Victorian style.

Specific artisan jewelry pieces to achieve this romantic look would definitely include chandelier earrings.

II. Mumbai Mystique

Asian fashion and East Indian fashion specifically, is becoming more and more popular. Designer Alexander McQueen’s fall runway show was a perfect example of this. No surprise he spent 6 months in India – makes sense the inspiration for the collection came from India.

Mumbai Mystique applies to both apparel and accessories. Again using Alexander McQueen as an example, the fabric colours and finishes reflect an East India styles as do the beautiful chandelier earrings, bangles and necklaces.

III. Bangle Bazaar

There seems to be no end to bangle desire – hint this is a good investment to take you into spring/summer 2009. During NYC Fashion Week at the beginning of September there were plenty of big chunky bangles on the runway for Spring/Summer 09.

IV. Metallics

Gold, Brass, Silver and Pewter oh my! Metallic influences in clothing and in accessories. From leggings in metallic colors to brass medallion necklaces, metallics are a big element of fall/winter fashion trends.

V. Leather

Whether you’re going for the rocker chic look or a more polished classic image, leather is hot this fall.

Leather is showing up in clothing and accessories – from bomber and motorcycle style jackets to leather mini dresses to bags, scarves, gloves and necklaces.

VI. Fringe and Feathers

Fringe dresses like flapper dresses from the 20s, fringes on boots and bags. Feather accents on apparel and accessories are also prevalent.

VII. Architectural

Apparel shapes are reflecting an architectural influence – interesting draping and cuts in the clothing. In this theme too artisan jewelry with architectural design are popular choices for completing a fall look.

VIII. Decade Retro

20s through to the 80s with a focus on 50s Pin Up , 70s Hippie and 80s Preppy, this is a big trend for this season. This is the trend where you can recycle and reuse pieces which have been hidden in the back you the closet for decades! Fashion is cyclical therefore if you save your pieces you can always find another season to wear them again.

IX. Leg Wear

Tights and knee socks rule again. Cable knit, solids, funky patterns, wet and metallic look to Gossip Girl argyle.

X. Shoes

Shoes are an indispensable part of this season’s fashion trends. If you love shoes you couldn’t be happier with this trend.

Here are a few shoe trends:

o Ankle Boots Kick It – Lace Up Booties – especially Oxford Style, Booties with Cut Outs, Extra Fabric and Folds

o Boots – Fringe, Riding Boots

o Chunky Platform heels – new 70s anyone?

XI. Long Term Trends

While above are the latest fall/winter 2008/09 trends, there are two trends that are real long-term trends, rather than fads. These two trends are ethnic fashion and social conscious buying such as fair trade jewelry and fashion. This is where society is heading.

Our cities are becoming more and more multicultural and society is loving it! We’re loving the food and the fashion.

In terms of social conscious buying everything from green fashion to fair trade jewelry and apparel are becoming more important. People are asking more questions and care about how and where our dollars are spent.

When shopping for fall and winter 2008/09 apparel and accessories first check your closet and then add to your existing items with a few new pieces. This will not only give you a current look but one that reflects your own personality, no point in looking just like everyone else.

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