Back in the 1980s, Adidas released the ZX 500 running shoe. It was lightweight with a rubber sole that provided unparalleled traction. These were running shoes for the serious high mileage running enthusiast with their advanced bio-mechanical design, light weight materials and those wonderfully sticky rubber soles. During my younger days, in the middle of the 1980s, I wore my ZX 500s out while racking up the miles. Now they are back. This time as part of the Adidas Original line shoes. This line provides shoes that showcase the rich history of Adidas with shoes echoing the styles of times gone by.

The current version of the ZX 500 includes the same sticky rubber sole but it is now paired up with a stylish leather upper. They are still quite comfortable but they are no longer for the hard core runner, although you could certainly pound out some miles with these on your feet, rather they are stylish sneakers. The ZX 500 of this century are a highly comfortable and great looking casual shoe. They come in a variety of colors from a bight green to muted blacks and grays. There is a very good chance that you’ll find a color to match your personal style. Since I’ve got fond memories of the time I spent with my original pair of Adidas ZX 500s, picking up a new pair required no thought at all. I have come to really love wearing them.

Review Summary:

  • Type of Shoe: Running Shoe
  • Style – 9/10
  • Comfort – 9/10
  • Value – 6/10
  • Price – $65.00

If you are looking for a stylish new pair of sneakers with great comfort and classic design, look no farther than the Adidas ZX 500. These shoes are perfect for a multiple mile jog or a leisurely stroll through the park, all while looking great. If you remember the originals, you’ll enjoy this new incarnation of your favorite running shoe every bit as much as I do.

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