Month: July 2020

Pinstripes and Late Nights

I did it again, I dropped off the face of the blogosphere without any warning. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and apparently, I’m at that stage in life where all it does is get in the way. For good reason though.

I can finally tell you all that I have officially moved on from my Label PR days which a lot of you may now know me from, and started my new job specializing in social media. Exciting! It has definitely been a manic couple of weeks, but I think I’m finally settling into the changes in my daily routine that come with starting anew and back on the bandwagon. 

With a new job comes a new work wardrobe though, of course, and I’m in love with the current tied shirt trend. Nothing says ‘casual but boss bitch’ more than a slouchy shirt and Oakley sunglasses, and I love that we can finally diminish that unflattering waistline that comes with shirts (yes brands, even trying to dart them they still look hideous, soz) without looking like a slob! If it’s even possible, Zara have definitely upped their Summer game and many an occasion I’ve almost left the … Read More