Although wedding photographers may appear to have an easy job, this is quite simply not the case. There is much more involved in wedding photography than many might realize. The bride and groom and their families are counting on the photographer to capture every detail of their special day. They expect to see beautiful, timeless images that they will be able to treasure for years to come. It is important to be well prepared when photographing a wedding.

The first thing a photographer should know before accepting the contract for a wedding, is their camera. A DSLR is the most highly recommended type of camera for wedding photography. Setting the camera on auto does not work in every situation. It is necessary to be able to manually manipulate the controls to create the proper exposure. It is equally important to have the right equipment to go along with the right camera when photographing a wedding. It may be necessary to have a large external flash depending on the time and location of the wedding. Additional lighting, types of lenses, and battery power also need to be considered.

Many weddings are an all day event, which means that having the necessary battery power is extremely important. Camera batteries can be extremely expensive, especially name brand batteries. Fortunately, there are third party batteries available on online auction sites, such as eBay. Some are poor quality, but with a little careful research, photographers can have great success and save a little money as well.

Having extra batteries may not be enough. It is a great idea to take a charger along as well, so that batteries that are low on power can be charged. An external flash usually requires four AA batteries, and wedding photographers should have at least one extra set of these available as well. Once a potential photographer is confident in their equipment and skill level, photographing weddings can be a great source of income. They are a joyful occasion, and usually fun to photograph, as long as the photographer is properly prepared.

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