Soldering is the system of signing up for two pieces of metallic alongside one another. Soldering jewellery involves fusing a filler metal if not identified as solder, into a joint. As an crucial part of the jewelry building method, soldering will allow the jewelry makers to simply produce a array of parts devoid of melting or harming the metals they are performing with.

As with lots of other areas of jewellery making, there are both equally regular and modern ways to various techniques and soldering is no exception. In our continuous effort to support you in your jewellery making journey, we have taken a glimpse at conventional soldering and soldering with an Orion Welder to help you realize how each and every part of the soldering procedure can vary.

Re tipping prongs

Standard – When re tipping a prong if the stone is warmth delicate you will have to acquire this out, with several stones this can be time consuming and threat prospective margin for error.

Orion Welder  – You can weld with all the stones in place , go the one particular prong again about 1mm allowing for home for mechanical strain that the metallic is about to impose on the stone. When metallic melts, it wants to be concentric. When welding a prong future to a stone employing the common technique this can potentially put unseen tension on the stone, and could pop a corner.

With Orion you prevent

  • All of the do the job getting the stones out
  • The operate of clean up from the fire scale from the standard system of soldering
  • Pickling
soldering with an orion welder

Resizing rings

Standard – Will want to clear away heat sensitive stones if important, so you can warmth the whole ring and apply the solder joint.

Orion welder –  When resizing a ring with an Orion, you can lower the ring, wherever you have to have, consider a triangle file to the new joint, and file a ‘V’ in the ring.  This will enable you to weld in the base of the root, and re-be a part of the ring.  Getting about a 26 gauge wire, of the exact kind of metal that the ring is built of (for color explanations) you can lay it lengthwise in the base of the root and weld at a 45 degree angle involving the foundation of the ring and the aspect of the wire, at about 15ws of electricity.

Heat stage launched to a joint will be low making certain that faux stones can endure, you will be able to maintain the ring at all moments to maintain the manage of your get the job done.

resizing a ring

Inventive work

Common – When doing innovative operate with solder, you uncover your self wrapping factors in wire to keep it limited.  When heating this up, the head triggers the metal to shrink or increase in distinct techniques that makes the piece transfer.  Resulting in getting to allow it great off, then reset it, and then heat it up once again to do your solder joint.

Orion Welder – The warmth affected zone is so smaller that you can ‘tack’ parts jointly with the Pulse Arc manner, so that things are restricted in area.  At this level, people that really like solder, can then heat the items up for soldering, without the need of all of the headache of the wire and the shrinking/expansion.

working with jump rings

Operating with Jump rings

Classic – With torch and solder, some bounce ring closure is simply just extremely hard. E.g. when you will need to near a soar ring on a cotton bracelet working with a classic torch and solder it will develop higher chance of burning the complete bracelet.

Orion Welder – The Orion Welder permits you to weld bear cotton, slate or just about anything at all sensitive. The heat impacted zone is just mm allowing to close jump rings or make welds that were impossible to most right before.

Regardless of whether you are a rookie or professional, why not give some of our soldering tutorials a go? Just make certain you have all the jewellery tools and tools you need to get started out. Or, if you are seeking to diversify your skillset even further, learn far more about the artwork of stone location in our web site or delve into our beginners jewellery soldering spherical up to get started off.

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Author: Maria Hussain