The author of this dark chronicle Roger Stone is a political strategist who had a key role in the elections of Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon, and George H.W. Bush. He also is known for his personal style writing a column for the Huffington Post and his annual “Ten Best & Worst Dressed Men & Women in the World.”

How & Why

Stone gets into the why and how of the JFK assassination and picks apart the other conspiracy theories to the bone. The other theories had no motive but LBJ had the biggest motive of all to become President and help his supporters in Bell helicopter get rich.

Lays Out the Case

LBJ not only cowboy-ed his way into the White House he was also avoiding up close and personal destruction at the hands of John and Bobby Kennedy. Stone points the finger at LBJ who scattered eight other murders to cover up his role along the way to seize power in a coup de tat unprecedented in modern times.

Richard Nixon Knew

Nixon was absolutely convinced that LBJ was the mastermind in this bloody episode of American history because he recognized Jack Ruby as LBJ’s hired help committing yet another Johnson directed murder when Oswald was gunned down.

Stone Indicts

Roger Stone indicts J. Edgar Hoover, Gerald Ford, Arlen Specter for their roles in the cover-up. He also goes into great detail about why George H.W. Bush lied about being in the CIA and said he was not in Dallas the day JFK was blown away when the truth is he was!

Many Avenues Investigated

Roger Stone’s excellent insight into LBJ the man, why he was called Landslide Lyndon, and his fixated hate for Bobby & Jack Kennedy is beyond reproach. He delves into the Kennedy curse, their hated enemy LBJ, the role J. Edgar Hoover plays in the rubber stamped cover-up, and the road to Watergate who was involved and why. He even fingers the man who had the kill shot at point blank range with an American made dumb dumb bullet.


This detailed book into who knew what when, the people involved in the bloody coup, and why LBJ had the most to gain if Kennedy was killed points the finger at the CIA, the Chicago & Dixie mob, LBJ’s henchmen, and J. Edgar Hoover big-time. Stone weaves a pattern of betrayal and deceit among the elite bringing us to the realization the powers that be will do anything to advance their agenda at any cost the nation be damned. Stone does a good job at showing who the linchpin is in this massive betrayal of presidential trust and what they stood to gain.

I believe the cover-up continued for these many years because the elite did not want the public to know it was a Democrat that murdered another Democrat just to advance his own agenda. This is sad but very revealing about human nature, why people do what they do to gain fame and power at any cost. Stone puts the hammer down leaving nothing to the imagination. This is an insight into the war mongers that existed then and now in the military industrial complex that will not be happy until the whole world worships at its feet.

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