You’re all dressed up for that special occasion – you know you have a fabulous jewellery set to go with that outfit. It is there, in the room, somewhere, or maybe in the jewelry box. Then you catch a glimpse of it in the jewellery box.

You put the necklace on, and then the bracelet. They look stunning – then one earring, but where’s the other? In frustration, you throw out the tangled, content of the jewelry box, wade through the tangled mess, you are running out of time, the other earring is just not there. You must leave now, you know trying to find another fabulous set is out of the question – you grudgingly settle for the one on the top of the pile…

You are reading this article because you love jewellery. You are (hopefully) proud of your collection which you love wearing and showing off (and why not?). But not being able to find the one you want most of the time is a problem. So you are looking for a solution better than your current jewellery box offers you. You’re not alone!

Every jewellery box owner has the same problem and looking for a solution out there just hasn’t produced any better alternative. Mind you, there are options that many have been forced to settle for such as jewellery trees or all kinds of jewellery hanging products but this solution is not ideal for everyone especially if your jewellery just happens to be precious to you and of decent value. You certainly wouldn’t want to hang them in full view gathering dust day after day. Protection and security of jewellery is therefore the reason why jewellery boxes still remain the preferred jewellery storage solution for many.

But isn’t it just about time the jewellery box did just more than store your jewellery? Isn’t it about time it is able to actually organise your jewellery?

We think it is the right time to have a jewellery box suited for the 21st century and beyond. Afterall, everything else gets redesigned to work better, and do much more – so why not the jewellery box?

The problem with jewellery boxes is that they are nothing more than mere boxes with “cubby-holes” inside which you throw your jewellery – typically one on top of the other. So it is no wonder they cannot organise your jewellery efficiently.

But the solution is really quite simple.

The 21st century jewellery box must

a) Provide the structure to separate your jewellery from each other therefore prevent tangling

b) Allow customisation to suit your own unique jewellery collection (because everyone’s jewellery collection is different)

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