Steal His Look: Scott Disick

Steal His Glance: Scott Disick

The modern Lord of the Kardashian relatives

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By Gabi Meyers | Final Updated: Jun 26 2022

Disclaimer: In no way is the adhering to an endorsement of any section of the Kardashian Klan.

…That stated, I do happen to like Scott Disick’s design.

Scott Disick is one particular of individuals men who just owns his type, both equally wardrobe and personality. Even if the “character” he plays on Tv set (or now, streaming) is not a person you would get together with, or his flavor is not yours at all, you have to regard that he has the self-assurance to generally do his lord factor from head to toe.

What I like most about Disick – previous partner to Kourtney, soulmate to Khloe – on The Kardashians is that he serves as the audience’s sane (most of the time) surrogate, declaring what all of us looking at are wondering.

Specifically, that every thing this family does is absolutely bat sh*t insane. He’s also good seeking, charismatic (at the very least on Instagram), and basically humorous (even if it is in a suggest way most of the time).

But the purpose he will get a highlight right here on SG these days? He’s generally dressed to glow, on-digital camera or off.

Disick rocks that “rich guy that skates by on his charm” model. The only accessory we do not treatment for is the rotating as well-younger girlfriend on his arm. If not, this reality star will get the SG model seal of approval from us.

Underneath, the staple kinds to steal from Scott Disick:

Easy athleisure

Particularly, the fantastic hooded sweatshirt.

While Disick has his very own line of relaxed have on, I just cannot in superior conscience suggest you dress in nearly anything that suggests “Talentless” throughout the upper body.

Rather, here are a several kinds to get the Scott Disick glance:

Daily add-ons


This could be a chain, enjoy, or bracelets. He does not subscribe to Coco Chanel’s information to “Take one accent off just before you leave the home.”

How to pull it off in your non-Kardashian daily life: Don’t be scared to insert daily jewelry to your seem.

A completely-fitted fit

Steal His Look: Scott Disick
c/o Instagram @letthelordbewithyou

Lord Disick has a very tight match activity. He opts for a suit more generally than most, and constantly is the ideal-dressed in the home simply because of it.

He understands just how to lend a go well with a extra casual vibe for chilling with his friends (no tie, swap the costume footwear for loafers), but also can dial points up for the crimson carpet.

Common PREP

I would not be astonished if Disick was born in a Lacoste polo. Whilst he tends to favor a lot more everyday street design these times, he can not escape his east coast prep earlier.

Even greater, he is aware this fashion will always do the job for him, due to the fact it is timeless. His groomed match is also a little something guys ought to just take note of, due to the fact his hair is always #flawless.

Impeccable grooming

Considerably like his fact Television set co-stars, Disick does not leave the residence if he’s not in complete glam.

For him, that signifies hair styled with lots of products, or even a colorful dye position.

I enjoy that he’s eager to just take vogue challenges, and even if they never normally search terrific (the pink hair may be a cry for aid?), he yet does it with assurance.

Using tobacco slippers

Steal His Look: Scott Disick

A male who can take care of to rock the chosen footwear of Floridian grandpas will get my vote. Using tobacco slippers are the higher echelon of effortless footwear – you just slide your foot in, no fancy laces vital – and they can pretty much be dressed all the way with a suit up or all the way down with jeans and a tee. There is no wrong way with smoking slippers.

Also, monogram-skill with these is Superior. You could go nickname like he did or just acquire kinds with a graphic like I did.

ON-Issue Healthy

Even if you are still absolutely opposed to every single fiber of Scott Disick’s currently being and (my own favorite sections of) his personalized design and style, you have no alternative but to take that his commitment to healthy displays he warrants some design cred.