Skin care in the rainy season

It’s that time of the year when it starts to pour “cats and dogs“. Your normal skin routine is not going to do much and you need to be a little more strategic with the same when it comes to taking care of your skin during the monsoon season. And that is all the more reason why you should check out the following skin care tips, to help you maintain that clean and fresh look, all through the rainy weather.

02220628 1 CLEANSE
Cleanse in the rainy season
  • Cleanse: The first thing that you got to remember is that dampness is not exactly skin-friendly, as it helps to facilitate the spread of bacteria and fungal growth – all of which can lead to serious skin conditions. And that is why you need to cleanse your face and hands, at least three times each day. This should help you remove the excess oil as well as grime that may have clogged up your skin pores.
Maintain pH balance in the rainy season
  • Maintain pH balance: It is the monsoon season and chances are that you are bound to get wet. And that is going to throw the pH balance of your skin out of whack. And that is why you may want to use a toner, preferably something that is non-alcoholic to maintain that fresh look as well as to balance out the pH of your skin.
Natural moisturizers in the rainy season
  • Natural moisturizers: It is the monsoon season, and the humidity is going to be high. The downside is that high humidity can cause you to experience extremely dry skin, which is what you need to watch out for. You would be well advised to use natural moisturizers to make your skin feel taut and supple and glow with freshness. And you may also want to avoid the usual soaps since they would contain various toxins which can acerbate your current situation. You may instead want to opt for a moisturizer base soap such as Dove, which can help your skin to retain moisture better.
Water-based moisturizers in the rainy season
  • Water-based moisturizers: If you happen to have an ‘oily skin’ condition, then you should know that it is on account of overactive sebaceous glands. The good news is that you would not have to worry too much about the humidity, but the downside is that the overactive production by the glands can cause your skin pores to clog up. That is why it makes sense to go in for water-based moisturizers since they can help you retain the ‘fresh’ look and keep the oil production in check
02220628 5 SUNSCREEN
Sunscreen in the rainy season
  • Sunscreen: The one mistake most people make is that they often assume that they do not need any sunblock if it happens to be cloudy. The real fact is that UV rays can get just fine through the clouds as they do, during a clear day and that is all the more reason that you would want to opt for a good sun block with an effective SPF level of protection. Some people are naturally sensitive to sunlight and if you happen to be one of them, then you would definitely need a good sunblock, irrespective of whether it is cloudy or not.
02220628 6 EXFOLIATE
Exfoliate in the rainy season
  • Exfoliate: One of the things that you may want to follow, at all times, irrespective of the season or the weather is to exfoliate your skin gently. Exfoliation is the means by which you effectively remove the dead skin cells from your body and as a result, you maintain a clean and fresh look.
02220628 7 HYDRATE
Hydrate in the rainy season
  • Hydrate: One of the first things that you learn about the rainy season is that the high humidity can cause you to sweat more. As a result, your body loses essential moisture, which is why you need to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Drink a few ounces of water each day, so that your skin retains the essential moisture and appears clean, soft and supple. Without the essential moisture, your skin can appear lifeless and dull.
Shampoo & conditioning in the rainy season
  • Shampoo & conditioning: Generally speaking, you may want to use organic shampoos and conditioners, twice a week during the regular season. But it is the monsoon season and with high humidity, you are bound to sweat more, and this would make it easier for bacteria, dust and grime to coat the skin pores on your scalp. This is why you may want to shampoo and condition your hair more often, to prevent the same from happening.
No jewellery in the rainy season
  • No jewellery: Given that it is the monsoon period, and that you are wearing a
    rtificial jewellery, you may want to do away with those. If you happen to have sensitive skin, then chances are that you may develop a rash or a breakout as your sweat reacts to the artificial jewellery you are wearing and this can cause you to itch. So, for the duration of the monsoon season, say goodbye to artificial jewellery.
02220628 10 FACE MASKS PEELS
Face masks & peels in the rainy season
  • Face masks & peels: Rather than purchase branded face masks and peels from a store, you may want to opt to create your own variation. You can use a few simple household ingredients to create face masks and peels that are completely safe to use and 100% free of toxins as well. That way, you can ensure that you use ‘organic’ face masks and peels and in the process, help protect your skin better. Moreover, you should not develop an allergic reaction to the same either.

These are some of the essential tips that you need to follow to ensure that you maintain a healthy glow as far as your skin is concerned. And it is always a good idea to get any skin blemishes checked out by your doctor as well, for the blemish in question could well be a symptom of something else altogether. And that is why it makes sense to get the same diagnosis at the earliest. Just follow these tips for the rainy season and you should be able to maintain that “clean, fresh glow” to your skin, with ease.