Very last year in the United States, close to 60,000 women selected to have a Breast Lift (or Mastopexy), a surgical treatment that raises and reshapes breasts that have sagged from being pregnant, important bodyweight change, or the organic method of getting older. A number of these women of all ages, wanting more breast quantity, experienced augmentation with saline or silicone gel implants at the very same time.

Augmentation Mastopexy is a sophisticated operation that issues even the most skilled and skilled plastic surgeon, who will have to offer with the opposing forces required to make breasts fuller (by stretching the pores and skin with implants) nevertheless firmer (by tightening the pores and skin with a breast lift).

To do this surgical treatment, plastic surgeons normally draw a intricate pattern on the breast, eliminate some of the excessive pores and skin, and then tailor tack these tissues jointly. They do the exact on the other breast, and then trim extra skin multiple occasions to present greatest tightening and make confident that the breasts have been nonetheless symmetrical.

About six years ago, when I was accomplishing an Augmentation Mastopexy, the proverbial gentle bulb went off: If a surgeon tightens and tailors the breasts first with surgical pores and skin staples, perhaps he or she could determine the complete quantity of excess pores and skin to be taken off and previsualize the closing breast condition and symmetry prior to earning an incision. I found this to be true.

Over a five-year period, I applied this approach on 45 people. The results ended up revealed in the Sept. 2009 concern of the American Journal of Beauty Medical procedures, in an post entitled “Augmentation Mastopexy for Reasonably to Severely Ptotic Breasts: Previsualizing Breast Shape and Symmetry With the Progressive and Flexible Staple-First Strategy.”

This new method is particularly useful for women of all ages with reasonably to severely ptotic (droopy) breasts. No subject what women of all ages want measurement-wise, or how droopy or uneven they are, the surgeon can create constant and predictable outcomes.

For me, the system has taken the guesswork out how a lot extra pores and skin demands to be eradicated. It will allow the surgeon to get the greatest elevate and generate the greatest symmetry and form in 1 simple action with the minimum sum of scarring. In addition, it allows the surgeon to regulate for any asymmetry of the breasts, which is widespread amid women.

And since there is no for a longer period the have to have to do multiple pores and skin trimmings, the operative time is shorter, individuals receive less anesthesia, and their recuperation is a lot easier.

With the adage of evaluate 2 times, lower the moment, it is really comforting to preview the conclude final result of an Augmentation Mastopexy in advance of making an incision.

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