Compared to HD lace wigs, throw on and go wig is a simpler and easier to install wig. Throw on and go wig is a wig developed by luvmehair that features quick installation. This wig is very convenient and can bring a lot of happiness to lazy girls. In fact, throw on and go wig is a great choice for both wig novice and proficient wig users.

Why you should try throw on and go wigs?

1. Throw on and go wigs are easy to install

Throw on and go wig is very easy to install. Wig installation convenience, simplicity is what luvmehair expected to achieve when developing throw on and go wigs. And in fact, luvmehair’s product, throw on and go wig, does exactly that. Throw on and go wigs does exactly what it literally means. It allows you to “put it on and go”. It may take no more than 5 minutes from putting on this wig to going out.

2. Throw on and go wigs don’t require repeated care

Throw on and go wig is not an unmanageable wig. “Its curls are incredibly beautiful” – this is the evaluation given by many consumers invariably. When you need to go out in a throw on and go wig, you may only need to spend 5 minutes to adjust some strands, or simply spray some hair oil to add shine. Using a curling iron to style your hair, or using a lot of mousse is not necessary. The styling of this wig itself is good enough that you don’t need to make any more changes and adjustments.

3. Throw on and go wigs are of good quality

Unlike some ordinary cheap wigs. Luvmehair’s throw on and go wig uses high-quality human hair wigs as raw materials. Therefore, it has a longer service life and can be dyed or permed at will. With regular maintenance, it can be used for a year or more.

4. Throw on and go wigs can shape your face

The bangs of Throw on and go wigs are very in line with the current fashion trend. It is undoubtedly stylish and beautiful. More importantly, its bangs can reduce the area of ​​your face, visually make your facial features look more refined, and modify your face shape. Whether your face is bigger or smaller than normal, this wig will accentuate your strengths well and make you look more attractive.