Have you ever wondered how to properly cleanse your hair brushes? On a day-to-working day basis, we have to get applied to doing excellent maintenance on our each day objects. For this rationale, hair combs simply cannot be an exception.

You’d be astonished how a lot hair your brush can retail outlet after using it each day, so it’s vitally critical to consistently sanitize your combs to continue to keep your hair balanced and enviable.

In this post from Elegance Caters, we convey you a stage-by-action guidebook on how to adequately clean your hair brushes and disinfect hair combs. You can also go by best wood hair brushes that you can purchase for you.


Cleansing THE HAIRBRUSH: Preparation

Before correctly cleaning, you should very first get rid of the hair from the brush. If you cannot get them off with your fingers, you can test the pursuing:

  • Comb over the brush with a smaller comb until finally the hairs get caught in it.
  • Use tweezers to pluck the hairs off the hairbrush till you can remove them with your fingers.
  • If all else fails, you can use modest scissors (this kind of as nail scissors) to reduce as a result of knotted hair in the brush. Immediately after that, you much better get them out.


how to clean your hair brushes properly
Thoroughly clean hair brush with vinegar and drinking water

Action 1. 1st of all, it is essential to get rid of the hair from the brush or comb, to do this, you can aid your self with a prolonged and slim item, these kinds of as pens, make-up brushes or even the tail of a comb.

Phase 2. Once you’re performed with all traces of hair, you are going to require to wash it. To do this, and in buy to attain a much better cleaning, we advise carrying out it with warm h2o and adding a tiny cleaning soap or shampoo to make it foam.

Step 3. You really should soak it in the drinking water for about 3 or 4 minutes and then rinse it. If important, you can evenly rub it with a clean toothbrush in between the bristles to take out more traces of filth.

Move 4. Dry it. To dry your comb you can use a clean up and dry cloth, shaking it more than the sink to get rid of any h2o residue on it.


It is vital that, dependent on the substance from which it is created, you choose excellent importance to its drying. This is due to the fact, precisely in the circumstance of wood brushes, leaving a minimal water can bring about them to rot over time and it is essential to protect against this.

before cleaning soak the brush into water
Ahead of cleansing soak the brush into drinking water


In addition to the past measures, to obtain a right cleaning in a picket comb, it will be important that you adhere to the pursuing rules:

  • Use as very little water as attainable. Considering the fact that we do not want our brush to rot or swell, it is vital to use the minimum sum of cleaning soap and water when cleaning it. If not, above time, it will quit performing and may well even damage your hair.
  • Do a brief clean and dry. At the time you have taken out all of your hair, stick with a quite minor drinking water to eliminate any residue and oils that could be trapped in it. Staying produced of wood, the considerably less time you devote cleaning it, the greater the outcome you will have.
  • Do not ignore that alongside with cleansing it is essential to disinfect it consistently to do away with any microbes or residue that could be on them.


Although it seems weird, you can use ammonia to disinfect hair brushes and it is just one of the most applied methods to do it. Ah, we have an posting on greatest hair colours that doesn’t fade easily.


You will have to have to make a alternative designed with 1/4 cup of ammonia and 1 cup of clean up drinking water. This is completely safe and sound for your brush nevertheless, we recommend donning gloves.

When your brush will get soaked, rinse it off with lukewarm drinking water and let it dry adequately.

how to clean wooden hair brushes?
Cleaning picket hair brushes


In this case, you need to combine 1/2 cup of white vinegar with 1/2 cup of warm h2o and leave your comb for no extra than 30 minutes to prevent any problems to the bristles or handles.

What did you think of these ideas? Do you routinely clean your combs? We have pointed out vinegar as disinfectant for combs, mainly because it performs incredibly very well for several these types of household goal like cleaning.

We hope that our assistance on ‘how to effectively clean your hair brushes’ will enable you and that you can set it into practice. Also, do not forget to go away us your comment and share your feeling with us.