Show saddles are made to look great in the ring but they’re not necessarily designed to stand up to a lot of hard work. The styles change with fashions, and are also a matter of personal taste. Show saddles often have very elaborate tooled leather, and silver accents that are custom engraved. There are show pads to go with show saddles, and they also feature trim in silver and other accouterments, including rhinestones and leather.

Dale Chavez Saddles hold their value well, so those who are new to shows and who don’t have the budget for a new Dale Chavez show saddle can often find a used saddle that has been kept in excellent condition.

With a Dale Chavez show saddle, as with any saddle, it is imperative that the saddle fit the horse and fit the rider. Properly fitting a saddle takes skill, and many riders have saddle fitting specialists help out with this process. If a saddle is not well fitted to the horse, the horse can experience discomfort and even pain. Horses with an ill-fitting saddle will show their displeasure by shaking their head, balking, rearing their head, pinning their ears and resisting transitions.

Like any other saddle, a show worthy saddle should clear the horse’s withers and allow free shoulder movement. The saddle should be the right length and shape for the horse’s back, and it should be balanced for comfortable weight distribution. If a rider is investing in a show saddle – which can cost several thousand dollars – then it is certainly worth the little extra to have that show saddle professionally evaluated for fit.

Dave Chavez saddles are beautiful and well made, and Dave Chavez knows what makes a good fitting saddle. A good saddle is an investment and is also an important statement of personal style.

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