When it comes to giving gifts to women on memorable occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, there is one gift that tops the list of both, men and women – jewellery. Hailed for long as one of the most romantic gifts to give or receive, jewellery is a very intimate gift. Whether it is a ring or a necklace, a jewellery gift is always worn close to her skin, and is a reassuring visual connection with the one who gave it to her.

Jewellery is a highly personal gift and that is why it is traditionally exchanged only in the closest relationships. But, how do you know that the garnet ring or the double strand pearl necklace you gave her actually hit its mark? Was she really, truly thrilled or did she kind of smile her way through it? It doesn’t matter if you spent two months’ salary on her; if she didn’t like it, she didn’t like it, and she won’t wear it! End of matter.

Here are some guidelines to choosing the perfect jewellery present for her.

1. Are you aware of her allergies? Many women are allergic to silver or even gold. So, if you are clueless about it, blowing up a small fortune on a 24-carat gold bracelet would certainly backfire badly. Not to mention make her wonder just how much you know about her.

2. What metal does she favour? Is she a gold or a silver person? Or, does she steer clear of all metal and go for ethnic stuff like beads and glass and resin?

3. Don’t give her what she has already has? There’s only so many gold rings or pearl studs a woman needs, you know.

4. What is her secret passion? Does she covet diamonds, pearls, gold? Do bohemian trinkets do it for her?

5. A small but significant point – just what kind of jewellery does she want? In other words, does she like hoop earrings or studs? Is she a ‘ring person’ or does she love long, dangly necklaces and chains?

6. Finally, sure you want to impress her. But don’t blow your cash if you really can’t afford it. Unless she is a gold-digger (in which case you are better off without her), she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and sensitivity behind the gift rather than the cost of the gift.

An important distinction: exclusive vs. expensive gift

Most men equate exclusivity with cost. The irony is that all exclusive gifts need not cost the earth. Conversely, an expensive gift does not necessarily have to be exclusive!

An exclusive gift needs to have these boxes ticked:

• It has to be something she hasn’t seen on every high street
• More importantly, her friends haven’t seen it either and the compliments are pouring in thick and fast
• It boasts a rich pedigree (handmade in a tiny Welsh mining village, etc)
• The icing on the cake – announces to her the real effort you took to track this gift to earth for her

So, keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll do just fine!

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