Discover the best hair serum for dry hair with our editor's guide

Initially, hair serums were mostly just meant to be used to control frizz and produce an illusion of smoother and healthier hair. Juukseseerum can do way more than that. Here’s what you need to know before purchasing them.

Sort out your needs

Hair serums effectively provide nourishment and form a protective layer on your hair, while meeting specific needs as well. Make sure you analyze your hair thoroughly and make a list of everything you expect out of your serum.

Choose your hair goals like smoothening, straightening, setting, etc. The factor which is most sought out in a hair serum is the protection it provides. Efficient hair serum forms a screen between your hair and the environment, thereby keeping your hair safe from extreme climates and undesirable chemicals.

Check the ingredients

The ingredients in your hair serum provide a more accurate idea of the moisture it provides. So be sure to go through the ingredient list rather than just trusting the label. 

Also, purchase your products from reliable platforms. Using products that are not sourced from well-known brands has been known for their adverse reactions like allergies and rashes. It is also recommended that you stick to natural products as much as possible.

Determine your hair type

Hair serums are formulated differently with different goals according to hair types, wave patterns, and textures. Make sure that you are absolutely sure about your hair type before purchasing your serums as serums work best when they are optimized accordingly.

Extra care should be taken in this step if you have an uncommon hair pattern or texture because finding the perfect hair serum can be difficult for individuals with even fairly normal hair. It is okay to spend extra time with the process, as the results will definitely be beneficial.

Hair treatments and heat

If you are someone that puts your hair through treatments and packs on a regular basis, hair serums are just inevitable. Always be sure to use the recommended after-care products along with nourishing serums. 

Never forget your heat protectant serums before using appliances or heat drying your hair. Heat can easily damage your hair by causing split-ends, dryness, and affect your hair texture. 

Use the right amount

Make sure you provide extra care for the ends of your hair especially and use a minimal amount of serum on your scalp. Avoid putting serum directly on your scalp as it might make the scalp oily and cause other implications like dandruff and infections.

Hair serum is mostly silicon-based and has a thick consistency. Before applying the serum to your hair, warm it up by rubbing it in your palms for a few seconds. This will help spread the serum more effectively and cover the whole of your hair uniformly.

Lastly, finding any hair care product involves a tiring process of trial and error, and hair serums are said to be the same. To make your search easy, go to Beauty Partners hair serums designed to meet specific needs and sourced effectively.