Your Guide to Finding Perfect Wedding Celebrant

Organising a huge event as a beginner can be a tough challenge. Planning the whole day, booking your Celebrant and venue, sending invitations, arranging makeup artists, photographers, accommodation, decorating the venue and organising food and beverages for the guests are just some of the things that could be on your list. And the list can be super-duper long. No wonder it creates a pressure on the couple. Connecting you with marriage celebrants can help shed a little of this load from your shoulders. Wedding celebrants can offer their experience and make recommendations, so not only are they the one and only most important service on your list, (you can’t get married without one) they are a great starting point. 

So here we are connecting you with celebrants and giving you a comprehensive guide to the perfect wedding that you deserve. 

Who Are Marriage Celebrants?

Marriage celebrants are people who legally take the responsibility to office your marriage under the Australian Marriage Act 1961. In Australia they work independently and all have their own registered number as an authorise celebrant. A professional wedding celebrant will first talk to you and your fiance to get a detailed idea of your dream wedding. They may also suggest some changes or add ons to make it even better for you two. Then they give you a list of expenses, price break downs etc. along with their services fees.  Some wedding celebrants also provide packages. At the Marriage Office Mandurah our package is the ‘Celebrant and the Ceremony Venue’. Other Celebrants may work closely with photographers and event stylist so its worth looking around to make sure you get what you are after. 

How To Choose a Marriage Celebrant

There are so many wedding celebrants available to cater for couples’ varying budget and taste. Some of them are pursuing it as a hobby or side hustle while working full time. Then there are other professional wedding celebrants who are doing this full time. 

For example some celebrants only arrange extravagant full social wedding ceremonies where the couples have a really high budget. However, most are ready to offer you different packages and customise your plans to suit your wishes big or small. Once you finalise your wedding day you have to search for wedding celebrants according to your taste and budget. After talking to some you hopefully will be able to find the perfect wedding celebrant for your wedding. While talking to different businesses you may even ask them to connect you to other businesses.

The Costing

Having a good idea of your own budget, needs and a number of other things that you want for your wedding you may need to shop around a little to find the right fit for you. Connecting with the right Celebrant is important so go with your gut feeling.  All Celebrants offer different pricing for different plans, destinations, locations, venues, number of guests and services, and some may offer decorations, photography and styling. A lot is involved in a wedding. Depending upon your plans and the wedding celebrant’s charges your total expenses will be determined. As we have mentioned earlier that there are several different types of wedding celebrants available in all over Australia it is your primary task to settle your deal with a celebrant first. 

Things To Keep In Mind

Before finalising any deal with a celebrant, you must be sure, well informed about certain things. This will only make your wedding celebrant hunting easier.

  1. Nowadays everything is listed on social media. It is always a good idea that you do your own research and find suitable wedding celebrants, create a small list of potential businesses so that you narrow down your list and talk to only a few celebrants. 
  2. Read and verify authentic reviews of the marriage celebrant office or business. Look closely at photographs of their weddings, where are they standing, do the couple and guests look engaged and happy. 
  3. Try to be as clear as possible of your dream wedding day. It does not matter how big or small your wishes are, just share your ideas with your wedding Celebrant so you are all on the same page moving forward.
  4. Make a list of the number of guests, the wedding date and time and be sure of the location or destination. These are very small yet very important details that the wedding celebrant will require to make sure everything runs smoothly.


In some cultures, it is a huge task to arrange a wedding ceremony. The number of responsibilities and the amount of money to be spent on a wedding can be a thief of your own enjoyment. As a couple both of you should be able to enjoy your wedding day to create lifelong memories that you two will cherish forever. So getting the right celebrant for your wedding day can be a big relief to the couple. Make that list and put Celebrant at the top!