Every single Beauty and The Geek transformation of 2022 – prepare to swoon

Attractiveness and The Geek is one particular of our favourite demonstrates for being so healthful.

Both the Beauties and Geeks verify every 7 days why two worlds that glance distinctive to 1 one more can make magic.

We also love seeing the cohorts slide in friendship and at times love as they choose on difficulties and bond.

But our favorite aspect has to be the transformations.

A great makeover scene is pop culture’s most endearing trope that has us feeling giddy, primarily when the Geeks find a perception of internal self confidence they couldn’t see devoid of the demonstrate.

Of course, Natural beauty and The Geek is not without its controversies.
The show’s host Sophie Monk set the record straight in an exclusive chat with Now To Appreciate about rumours the system hires compensated actors.

It has become a well known issue for fans who cannot consider a reality television present can genuinely carry spirits fairly than rely on toxic drama.

“The boys would be so flattered to listen to that [people think they’re actors]. Someone even questioned me if we geek them up additional, and I have watched their audition tapes, if something they are considerably less geeked up in the promo!” she explained.

She also teased us about the makeovers and even went as much to say they’re the most effective in the show’s heritage.

“They’re just so very pleased of themselves. Some of them have stunning options that they’ve either been hiding at the rear of a beard or hair and they you should not realise,” said the 42-calendar year-old.

“I stated to 1 of them, ‘You could be a supermodel!’ and he goes, ‘I know, I experienced no thought, I appear wonderful.'”

Put together for the cutest overload with our running gallery of each makeover to shake up Magnificence and The Geek in 2022.