Carefree, beachy, effortless hair isn’t exclusive to summertime. Just because you don’t have naturally bouncy, luscious locks (welcome to the club), doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your French girl hair style come autumn. The key to effortless haircare? Keeping your strands healthy. Fall is the perfect time to whip your hair back into shape and keep it healthy without having to cut all of it off. With the help of some amazing hair care finds, along with some consistency and patience, your hair will be shining in no time. Here are some products we think you’ll want to add to your routine for the long haul.

The Best Accessories

MagicSky Hair Claw Clips

MagicSky Hair Claw Clips ($13)

Hair clips aren’t just cute — they’re also the best way to pull up your hair without breaking and twisting your locks. Hair ties pull at your roots and cause major middle and end damage. Toss away the hair ties and use a hair clip instead. We guarantee your hair will thank you!

The Best Shampoo & Conditioner


Photo by Function Of Beauty

Function of Beauty ($29)

Function of Beauty is not only an amazing product, it’s also incredibly fun to use. Function of Beauty offers customizable shampoo and conditioner with the help of a quick online quiz, and you can even pick your scent and color! If you don’t want to do it online and wait for it to ship, you can fully customize it IRL when buying from Target. All you have to do is pick your shampoo and conditioner, then pick from ten of their booster shots to throw in the bottles. Honestly, why didn’t someone think of this before?!

The Best Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed


Photo by Volo

Volo Hair Drying Towel ($34)

If you don’t already have a hair towel, you’re really missing out. Not only do they stay in place, get wet hair out of your face AND allow you to easily put on your clothes and makeup, they dry your hair in half the time. Yep, HALF the time, meaning less blow drying and putting heat on your hair. Plus, we’ve found it makes detangling your hair so much easier and softens it by the minute. (*Runs to amazon to buy 6.*)

Best Strengthening Treatment


Photo by Coco & Eve

Coco & Eve Miracle Hair Elixir ($30)

Coco & Eve’s Miracle Hair Elixir is one of our favorites — not because the packaging is cute and it smells good, but because it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and helps strengthen, soften, protect and restore your hair like nobody’s business. Did we mention it smells REALLY good?

The Best Sleep Accessory


Photo by Fishers Finery

Fishers Finery Silk Pillowcase ($29)

Instead of thread-count, silk pillowcases are counted in mommes (mm), and the higher the mms, the more protected your hair will be when you sleep. (Yes, your current pillowcases are probably damaging your hair!). This silk pillowcase from Fishers Finery is one of the higher quality, best bang for you buck options. 30 mm, 100% mulberry silk, and STUNNING colors… we think you’re going to love this one.

Best Purple Shampoo


Photo by Oribe

Oribe Silverati Shampoo ($46)

This one’s for all you blondies out there. After summer is over, your hair might need a little “boost,” and it’s probably best to avoid going to the salon and putting more heat on it than the sun has already given you. Don’t fret, though, because that’s where the beloved purple shampoo comes in. This Oribe Silverati Shampoo is one of the best, especially because it does its job in just one use. One wash a week with this product and your blonde locks will be better than ever!

The Best Hairdryer 


Photo by Revlon

Revlon One-Step Hairdryer ($40)

The Revlon Hair Drying Brush has been our go-to and saving grace for over a year now. It dries your hair quickly all while styling it at the same time, AND makes your hair soft and shiny when done.

Best Hair Primer

Photo by Gisou

Gisou Prolishing Hair Primer ($34)

Gisou’s Polishing Hair Primer is SO worth the purchase. It’s made with propolis, which is produced and used by bees to build strong beehives. It’s a key ingredient in preventing breakage and split ends in hair, all while creating volume, enhancing hair texture and adding definition. Once again, the bees save the day!

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