Dear Abby: Bride worries her dad may ditch wedding early to care for his girlfriend

Dear ABBY: I am getting married to the really like of my everyday living. Aside from my shortly-to-be partner, the most critical participant in our wedding will be my 70-yr-outdated father, whom I adore. Father has been dating a lady, “Mary,” on and off due to the fact my parents’ divorce 25 many years ago. Mary has constantly experienced health and fitness issues (lupus, kidney disorder, alcoholism, and so on.), so she hardly ever attends relatives functions. Dad is in excellent health and fitness, enjoys the outdoors and is pretty involved in his children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

Lately, Father has been spending the bulk of his time getting care of sickly Mary, such as investing six weeks in a distant city whilst she underwent surgical treatment and restoration. My siblings and I come to feel Dad justifies an individual who can get pleasure from life and take part in comparable activities, but we admit this is the man or woman he has decided on to be with.

Mary will be attending my wedding ceremony as my father’s visitor. If she’s feeling unwell, fatigued, or as well weak to withstand the festivities, I am terrified Father will make an early exit to get her back again to the hotel. I would be devastated if he missed out on celebrating the most critical day of my existence. I also do not want her in the wedding photos, which is a total other concern. Am I staying a egocentric Bridezilla, or should I voice my considerations to my father prior to the large working day? — APPREHENSIVE DADDY’S Girl

Expensive DADDY’S Girl: Have you not realized by now that you simply cannot handle what yet another man or woman does? I’m confident your father would adore to spend each moment of your exclusive day with you, but there are other priorities to take into account. Mary, whose overall health is very poor, is building just about every energy to be there to honor you. If it gets to be also considerably for her, what would you have your father do — contact 911 and let the paramedics haul her off?

In the desire of loved ones harmony, You should improve up and quit obsessing for the reason that, to say the least, it is unbecoming. As to the wedding day photographs, if you never want her in the shots, pose her on the Conclude, so you can crop her out of them if you wish.

Pricey ABBY: I have a question about office environment etiquette. My occupation necessitates that I meet with many sellers and salespeople, as very well as hold informal meetings with other team and higher management in my workplace.

My dilemma: When welcoming people into “my place,” really should I wait for them to be seated or, as this is my household turf, can I just go in advance and sit and then wait for them to get snug? I have tried to gauge my actions on other personnel, but it has not served, as each individual appears to have their very own agenda. Right until now I have played it by ear, but a definitive remedy would be appreciated. — Seeking TO Established A Good Case in point

Dear Trying: If I am escorting persons into my workplace, we normally seat ourselves at the same time. If you are with a customer, say “Please, have a seat,” and wait for that man or woman to get comfy. When you’re with co-workers, it isn’t required to stand — or sit — on ceremony.

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