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Semi-valuable gemstones can be just as gorgeous as valuable stones. Let’s take a appear at comparing semi-precious gemstone values.

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Gemstones are some of the earth’s most beautiful organic treasures. When incorporated into jewellery, they make for high-class and timeless parts that insert class and course to your wardrobe. 

The huge earth of gems can be broken into two teams, valuable and semi-valuable gemstones. Any astute buyer would surprise: what is the distinction between the two? 

In this post, we will remedy that dilemma and numerous other people. We will also converse about the most well-known semi-cherished gemstones and compare their values. Examine on to discover all the things you have to have to know about these lovely and exceptional gems. 

What Are Semi-Valuable Gemstones?

So what qualifies as a semi-cherished gemstone? The response is really fairly easy. 

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are the 4 treasured stones. All other gemstones are categorized as semi-cherished. This incorporates aquamarine, alexandrite, rose quartz, pearl, amethyst, and hundreds of other folks. 

It is a prevalent false impression that semi-important gemstones are truly worth considerably less than treasured gemstones. 
In truth of the matter, lots of semi-valuable stones are appreciably extra worthwhile than precious kinds. Alexandrite for case in point usually sells for higher rates than sapphire does. 

The worth of a gemstone is truly identified by quite a few unique factors. These factors are grouped jointly under the 4 C’s: carats, clarity, color, and cut. 

Now, let us examine the values of some of the most popular semi-valuable gemstones. 


Amethyst is an unbelievably preferred semi-important stone. It is identified extensively for its vivid shades of purple and violet. Shades of amethyst variety from a gentle pinkish violet shade to a deep purple.

Deep, wealthy purples are rarer than the lighter hues, and consequently extremely prized amid amethyst collectors. Nonetheless, these darker stones don’t sparkle as brightly as lighter ones do. For the most energetic, vivid parts, glance for stones in the medium to medium-dark array.

Amethyst is also the February birthstone. This would make amethyst jewelry a incredibly common gift for individuals born through this thirty day period. 

Amethyst is a resilient and economical stone. Large-quality slice stones expense concerning $20 and $30 for each carat. Incredibly great items can retail for as a great deal as $40 for each carat. 


Peridot is a brightly colored yellow-eco-friendly gemstone. It obviously kinds from lava flows and has been very valued because the time of Historic Egypt. Peridot is common between jewellery connoisseurs who want to delight in brighter and far more lively eco-friendly stones than people minimize from emeralds. 

There are three unique types of peridot, all distinguished by the locations from which they ended up mined. Changbai peridots are mined in the Changbai Mountains in Northeast China. These stones are known for their organic deep eco-friendly hues and lively pops of lime. 

Pakistani peridots are mined in Kashmir. These stones are typically lime or apple green with refined golden undertones. 

The Hunan peridot originates from the Hunan mining space in southeastern China. These stones are regarded for their clarity and non-bearing yellow tones. 

Peridot is also the August birthstone. 

The value of these stones ranges from $50 to $80 for each carat. Peridots larger sized than 1 carat that boast the greatest good quality and shades can price tag as a lot as $400 to $450. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is a uncommon, colored wide variety of crystalline quartz. These gems have lovely light to medium pink colorations. Amethyst, yet another quartz stone, can from time to time impact rose quartzes and give them a more purplish hue. 

Most rose quartz has a milky opacity. But a transparent wide variety was uncovered in Madagascar in the 1980s. Numerous of these transparent stones had been slash with fascets and incorporated into fantastic jewellery these kinds of as wedding day rings. 

Transparent and translucent rose quartz stones promote for increased costs than lighter opaque types. These stones begin at close to $100 for every carat. But high-quality specimens can simply exceed $1,000 for each carat. 


Amber varieties from the crystalized resin of ancient pine trees. This stone is perfectly known for the extraordinary fossilized inclusions that are in some cases observed within. Human beings have been producing jewellery with amber for more than 10,000 a long time, producing it the initially gem product ever applied. 

Amber jewelry will come in quite a few different hues which includes black, crimson, yellow, and white. Which color is most important alterations from yr to yr as traits and tastes do. 

White and purple amber are the rarest kinds. White amber expenditures about $11 per carat in the existing marketplace, and pink fees about $12 per carat. Now, yellow or gold amber is the most useful variety, retailing for $14 per carat without inclusions. 

The region that the amber is extracted from also plays a huge part in identifying price. Baltic and Ukrainian amber ordinarily expense far more than Russian, Dominican, and Mexican amber. 


Aquamarine is an additional very popular semi-treasured stone. Coloration ranges from pale blue to a sturdy dim blue. Some aquamarines have a greenish-blue, almost turquoise hue. 

A short while ago, Prince Harry gifted his soon-to-be wife Meghan Markle a beautiful aquamarine ring estimated to be really worth $87,000. She also wore Princess Diana’s famous aquamarine and diamond-encrusted cocktail ring throughout their marriage reception. This has brought on a different surge in the stone’s reputation and value. 

Aquamarine is also the March birthstone and a well-known gift for persons born for the duration of this thirty day period. 

Aquamarine selling prices are established by the depth and good quality of the stones’ coloration, as perfectly as their clarity. These gems also improve in rate as their carats improve. 

For instance, a just one-carat aquamarine costs about $675 per carat. A two to a few carat stone costs among $1,000 and $1,500 for every carat. 

Donning Semi-Important Gemstones

Much more and a lot more individuals are incorporating semi-treasured gemstones into their wardrobes. Sophisticated, timeless jewellery parts that contain these stones are one of the ideal means to elevate your outfits. 

Now that you know the distinctive characteristics and values of the most common semi-treasured stones, you can make astute choices about which types are proper for your feeling of type. 

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