There’s much debate about the leading eyewear brands and which label produces the best cheap designer glasses. Often people settle for lower quality frames to save money, however if you look in the right place you can find the best glasses at affordable prices. So here’s an insight into the top brands to help you decide which frames are for you.

First of all lets narrow the long list of companies that produce cheap glasses down to shortlist of serious contenders:

Ray Ban

D&G create quality, fashionable frames in many styles such as sporty, cutting edge or classic, D&G are the type of designer glasses that can be worn to suit your own personal style. D&G frames are the ultimate fashion accessory and they truly fit the description ‘designer glasses’ whilst remaining affordable.

DKNY glasses are a very popular choice at the moment. DKNY frames encapsulate the elegance of the DKNY brand as a whole. If you’re looking for cheaper designer frames look for DKNY frames today.

POLO glasses never fail make a fashion statement, whilst remaining timeless at the same time. POLO frames are designed with comfort in mind and are the choice of men and women around the world. Being attached to a top name such as Ralph Lauren it’s a wonder that POLO frames can be included in a list of cheap glasses.

Prada glasses are designed by the International high fashion house of Prada and as soon as you set eyes on them the quality of material is striking and second to none. Don’t be scared by the high profile designer label, Prada frames are very affordable given their reputation.

Ray Ban glasses are maybe a surprising addition to the list, with Ray Ban sunglasses being the main attraction to the brand. However the slim, stylish look of their eye glasses range is impressive and cheap in terms of top brand glasses prices.

Versace glasses are chosen by men and women worldwide. Versace frames are a well renowned upmarket glasses however can be found for a very reasonable price if you look in the right place, a brilliant example of stylish but cheap glasses.

Vogue glasses were given their name by the famous fashion magazine. Vogue frames stand alone with their innovative designs. Vogue glasses present the audience with an insight into the exciting world of fashion. Vogue are the cheapest brand in the list of designer frames.

The above are the most fashionable and sought after brands of designer glasses on sale today. The old saying goes “you get what you pay for”… so why not pay for the best? Paying for the best doesn’t always have to mean spending an arm and a leg.

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