As a new wedding planner, there will be many times when you are out of your office and unable to answer your phone. So, be sure the greeting on your voice mail sounds professional since it could be the first time a potential client hears your voice.

Here are 10 steps to recording a professional message:

1. Write down what you want to say before you record

This will make it easier for you to remember what to say and help you eliminate non-words such as “umm” and “ahh.”
2. Make sure it is quiet when you record

The caller should not hear lawnmowers running, dogs barking, children playing, the tones your computer makes when it starts up (I included this because I have heard it more than once) or the call waiting beep. Also make sure the connection is clear, without static or noise, when you call into your voice mail to record the message.

3. Speak clearly and professionally and smile

Smiling will help you sound friendly, like someone who would be great to do business with.

4. Tell them whom they have reached

State your name and company name.

5. Let them know you want to talk to them

Tell them you would be happy to call them when you return.

6. Get the information you need to return their call

Request they leave their name and phone number, a message and the best time to call.

7. Tell them where they can get more information about you

Suggest they visit your website or blog to find out more about your services or for wedding planning tips, if you offer them on your site.

8. Keep it brief

Don’t go into too much detail or they will hang up before they leave a message.

9. Let them know you appreciate their call

Thank them for calling you. If you normally return calls within one business day, and you should, you can tell them. However, if you aren’t always able to do this, don’t make that promise.

10. Preview your message before you save it

Remember that you can, and should, re-record it if it does not sound right.

Here is an example of a greeting:

“Hello, you have reached Jane Doe of Perfect Weddings by Jane. I’d be happy to return your call as soon as I can so please leave your name, call back number, and a detailed message with the best time to reach you. For more information about having a perfect wedding, please visit my blog at, where I share tips for making your wedding special. Thank you for calling and have a great day.”

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