It is vain for a woman to live without the fear of the Lord God almighty. A woman without the fear of God can never fear and respect her husband. The consciousness of God in a home makes the difference between a successful marriage and those that are not successful.

Most women use their beauty, career, position and influence as a weapon to fight their husband, forgetting that it is God that gives you the ability and power to become whatever you are today and the Bible also describe a beautiful woman without character as vain.

I like to personalize beauty and character and put both in a ring for the battle of life, without beating around the bush; I tell you, character will win the battle. Do you know that beauty can take a woman to the palace, it is only character that can keep and sustain her there. Woman no matter your status in life, education, carrier, influence, and riches, without character they are all vain. Character is your reputation, it does not lie, and no man can stand a woman without character, he may be deceived by your beauty, but with time, he will long for a woman with character that can make him happy.

Character is a virtue which money can not buy. You develop it to have the best in life especially in marriage. A woman without character can easily destroy all she has worked for, including her marriage with just one ungodly action. A woman of honour and dignity is a woman of character.

You need to study the lives of successful couples and find out what they know and what they are doing that you don’t know. It pays to read books written by men and women doing well in their marriages. There is no perfect marriage, but with your character and the fear of God, you can make your marriage a perfect one. Your marriage is like a tender baby that needs enough nourishment to grow and survive, so your character is all the nourishment your marriage needs.

You can work on your character today by letting go of yesterday’s mistake in your marriage.

Forgive your husband of any offenses you may hold against him.

Determine not to destroy your marriage but build it, because it is God’s expectation from you.

Change your attitude towards your husband positively and start loving and caring for him again

Gain his love, trust and confidence again by your genuine repentance.

Don’t deny him sex.

If you can continue in these keys for a happy home , you will experience the joy that has eluded your marriage. Remember, go for some of the e-books listed below, they will greatly help you.

God bless you.

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