Black and white wedding invitations are the easiest and most affordable to create. No matter what your budget is, black and white invitations will always fit. If you are wanting something kind of over the top looking and very elegant, one of the most simple designs includes a white invitation with black wording and an ornate black string work. This is very fancy looking and is elegant at the same time. It has almost a tribal or Gothic look to the design but it is very beautiful.

If you are wanting to do something that is very minimal and tasteful, you can always have a white invitation with embossed black lettering. This is a very simple, affordable wedding invitation idea but still looks nice because it is not too busy. In some cases, having embossing on your invitations costs a little extra so you might want to check into that before you make a final decision. If you would like to make the design a little more fancy, you can always you a piece of clear vellum paper with a nice design, silver, gold or red look gorgeous- and add a simple design like flower petals, doves or roses. This is a great way to incorporate other ideas you have thought of for your wedding.

Although it may cost a little more, you can always look into using a nice black paper and using white lettering with a nice floral design or again the ornate string work. One of the nicest and most simple designs I have seen is the use of white hearts along the edges of the invitation.

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