Call it “jewelry therapy” if you will, but we all know that the right piece of jewelry has the power to instantly elevate your outfit – and your mood. The arrival of warmer weather means more opportunities to infuse statement pieces into your wardrobe in the form of jewelry. From bold gold chains to playful birthstone earrings, there are countless options trending this warm season. Consequently, we’ve curated this guide to the best spring jewelry trends for 2022 to keep you stylishly en vogue.

Turns out, the 2022 Spring/Summer fashion trends are all about floral textures, bold colors, and fun pieces. So what better way to add a touch of creativity to your season-appropriate takes than with the right accessory? If you need some inspiration on how to upgrade your collection, read on for our favorite top trends of the season.

Check out the most sizzling Spring jewelry trends for 2022 to heat up your wardrobe this season…

#1. Birthstone jewelry

Photo: luisana galicia | Unsplash

If you are looking to switch up your everyday gold and silver go-to pieces with something more colorful (and more personal), opt for birthstone jewelry. Birthstones are the gemstones that represent a person’s month of birth – like Amethyst for February or Emerald for May – and they are said to have healing properties. Birthstone bling is a great way to express your personal style while exploring your creativity. You can have your pick from either birthstone pendants, handmade birthstone rings, or ultra-popular birthstone earrings. And, as no two stones are ever the same, your chosen piece will most probably be one of a kind. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


#2. Blingy chokers

Photo: Shudufhadzo Musiḓa | Instagram

The choker has made a comeback, and we’re totally here for it. From chunky gold pieces to dark and blingy designs, chokers are the right accessory if you are looking to add a touch of edginess to your look. Simply pair it with a slip dress for an extra sass or upgrade a basic tee and a pair of denim pants with one of the trendiest pieces of the moment: the half chain, half pearls choker.


#3. Floral accents

Photo: The Pearl Source

Just in time for spring, more and more bloom-inspired jewelry pieces are taking center stage right now, and we’re loving it! The perfect way to bring a little nature to your outfits this spring is with a beautiful floral piece of jewelry. From dainty nature-inspired earrings to colorful necklaces, floral jewelry is the perfect companion to your warm-season staples. Anything from natural materials like mother-of-pearl to plastics like lucite goes this season, so grab yourself a statement piece.

#4. Bold cuffs

Photo: hemmerle | Instagram

Go big with bold arm cuffs! One of the hottest spring jewelry trends for 2022, arm cuffs are a great way to incorporate an edgy touch into your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Mixing metals might seem intimidating, but this spring season, you’re invited to mix and match your rosy hues with warm gold tones and silver for an overall eclectic vibe. Whether adorned with crafty beads, made of resin, or shimmery metals, cuffs are the type of accessory that surely makes a statement! Plus, you wear it on its own or stacked with its cousins. Genius.


#5. Pops of color

Photo: Hailey Moeller | Unsplash

This season, don’t shy away from color. Have fun with your accessories and infuse your outfits with a little 90’s nostalgia (and hey, a little bit of the 80s can be mixed in too!). No, you are never too old for a bold rainbow necklace or a bright and colorful pair of heavyweight earrings that move as you move. Sculptural resin in vibrant hues, elevated plastics, colored beads (from statement pink baroque pearls to oversized colored gemstones), etc. all indicate that pigment is indeed having a moment.


#6. All-natural

Photo: hemmerle | Instagram

Nature-inspired jewelry has been around for a long time, but it has seen a spike in popularity in the past years as people become more environmentally conscious. This year, earthy pieces made out of shells, wood, feathers, or raw stones have taken over the runways. Besides being more sustainable, natural jewelry adds that authentic, nature-inspired feel to your look – whether you’re dressed up for the farmer’s market or a cocktail party.


#7. Silver jewelry

Photo: Lauren Grogan | Unsplash

After dominating the jewelry industry for years now, gold is taking a step back to allow forgotten silver to take the main stage this season. The new designs hitting the runways this year come with experimental elements and sculptural jewelry shapes that are sure to reinvent the hardly novel silver accessory. Stock up on silver bling, and pair it with anything from sundresses to power suits.

#8. Modern pearls

Photo: cottonbro | Pexels

Pearls have been top of the jewelry game for a very long time. However, in the past few years, designers have taken a different approach to this iconic gem by creating unique pieces featuring non-classic pearls: be they drop-shaped, baroque, or completely uneven specimens that are perfect through their imperfections. The modern pearl has taken over mainstream fashion, and this year, the trend is stronger than ever. From oversized pearl jewelry to pearl-adorned bags or even shoes, this classic staple can make any outfit look trendy and on point.


#9. Oversized earrings

Photo: Helen Ngoc N. | Unsplash

A good pair of earrings has the power to transform any look, thus, they’ve made their way to the spring jewelry trends for 2022. Inspired by the opulence of the ’80s, big earrings have been the star of the show at fashion weeks all over the world this year. Hop on the trend and invest in a few pieces which you can count on to make a bold statement or give your looks a touch of glam. From chunky gold hoops to blingy dangles, there is a pair out there for every style.


#10. Charms & talismans

Photo: Sabina | Unsplash

Fashion lovers from all corners of the world have taken an interest in jewelry pieces that not only adorn but also have a personal meaning. Charms and talismans are such. These pieces of jewelry that represent love, luck, strength, or spirituality are finding their way to runways this spring and into many famous designers’ jewelry collections. Besides being on-trend, the presence of a piece that has personal meaning can make the wearer feel more confident. So hop on the trend, and tick two boxes: a boost of pizzazz and a blingy upgrade!

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