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Have you ever thought about the fact that a pair of shoes can bring you much more than just protecting your feet and being able to walk? To be elegant and stylish with your shoes? It’s entirely possible. It is even essential. Shoes actually make us elegant, feminine and stylish when they are well chosen and well worn. They offer us a touch of originality in addition, they improve our look and often give us confidence in ourselves. To do this, it is essential to make the right choices. In this sense, the shoe is a must of feminine beauty that can make you beautiful and sexy. You will find out why.

Here are 5 tips to always be elegant and stylish with your shoes:

  1. See your shoes as a unique accessory and full of qualities

When you think more deeply than usual about your shoe collection, there are qualities I can give to this accessory that are obvious.

A shoe grows you, in every sense of the word. High perched, you feel ready to chew your life to the fullest and lift mountains. The heels lengthen your figure and give you confidence in all situations.

The shoes also bring a personal touch to your outfit. Whether your pair is understated or more daring, it reflects your personality and says a lot about who you are. Personally I often look at the feet of people I meet and I always find it interesting to see them through their shoes.

2.Choose your shoes carefully when fitting

You may not automatically think of it, but the step of trying on a pair of shoes is essential to ensure you wear them well and be happy with the model for which you will have fallen for it.

Think before acting and ask yourself the right questions: does this pair that makes you an eye really give you a great pleasure? Is the ‘wow’ effect real? If not, go your way, you will surely find better.

Make sure you choose the right size. Even if you think you know it, it is better to make sure when trying it on. Take a few steps, take your time. Do you feel comfortable and at ease? Is your foot sufficiently supported without being too compressed? Do a little test: bend your knees, crouch down on the soles of your feet. If your toes butt on the end of the shoe, it is too small.

Get into your schedule to choose the heel height. During the day to work, bet on a heel of 3 to 5 cm that will allow you to stay comfortable, especially if you have to stay up or if you have to walk. For a heel of 7 cm or more, plan instead to wear your pair of shoes for a night in the restaurant, an outing between girlfriends or lovers. For heels of 10 cm and more, I know that some of you are able to wear them every day, I admire you and I say congratulations!

Finally, always try both feet since we often have one foot stronger than the other. Also, try sitting on feet rather than buying a shoe that is too big if your feet are swollen after a day of walking. In other words, when you go shopping, start with the shoes!

3.Always focus on quality over quantity

Take the time to touch the pair of shoes that you covet to get an idea of ​​the quality of the material. You can especially check the small quality label which will tell you what materials the shoe is made of. You should even know how to decode it. We often tend to tear it off as soon as we come home without even looking at it.

4.How to choose your shoes according to your morphology?

We arrive at a very interesting criterion that you do not necessarily think about when you buy a pair of shoes: your morphology

Now that you know how to choose your shoes, it is important to wear them well to be always elegant and stylish. This simply goes through the right association with. In other words, how to choose your shoes according to your body and your body.

I directly point out that these are tips to beautify your figure, but they should not of course keep you from falling for an irrational love at first sight. In terms of shoes, everything is not explained either and the goal is not to erase your subjective tastes and your desires. I also specify that there are no pretty silhouettes and silhouettes less beautiful. The most important thing is to feel good in your sneakers, I try here to help you with these tips. Think back to the tale you read when you were little or maybe still reading to your children today: Cinderella. It was already a woman who finds the perfect shoe for her foot!

5.Learn to walk well with heels

When you get home with your coveted pair of shoes, knowing how to walk elegantly is also essential.

“Finding your shoe” is not an innocent expression! Active or cocooning enthusiast, we all want to find the right shoes. This season, the trend is playing with the dish, as evidenced by the comeback of moccasins. However, nothing prevents you from gaining height by succumbing to waders, winter must-have! Pumps, ankle boots, ballerinas or moccasins; shoes highlight and complement our outfits. On a daily basis, shoes remain the essential accessories of any self-respecting fashionista and are the only ones who can put fashion at our feet! Find the selection of shoes from EGO Shoes.