As a small business owner, we can easily take on too much which can lead to us burning out. You are the most important person in your business so it is important you take care of number 1 – if you have noticed yourself feeling burnt out, Jess shares 5 things you can do to make a difference.


  • Breathe – take a few deep breaths and focus on your breathing

  • Make a list of calming activities – yoga, colouring in, cooking something healthy, anything that relaxes your mind. Then commit to doing these and allow yourself some time out.

  • Take a moment to evaluate where you have taken on too much and how you could build in space. You may need to let some things go.

  • Set boundaries with your working hours. Put them in to your diary

  • Realise you can be in control to chose what you do, what you can say no to and to prioritise yourself!


How to be less overwhelmed

Most business owners have too much on their plates, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. But how can we keep those feelings from hurting our business? In this podcast episode, The Design Trust Director Patricia van den Akker shares her top strategies for feeling less overwhelmed. She also offers some great advice for business owners looking to plan better and set effective goals.

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