5 Simple Steps to Get Press for Your Jewellery Business (podcast episode) — Jewellers Academy

With Jessica Rose

Features or mentions in a publication are one of the best ways to get your jewellery business in front of new customers and to increase your credibility. In this episode, Jessica Rose shares a simple, five-step process for finding, contacting, and pitching your business to magazines, blogs, podcasts, and industry influencers. Whether this is your first time getting press, or you’ve done it before but want to build a more consistent press strategy, this episode is full of valuable tips and tricks! 

Episode Description:

  • In this episode, we’ll discuss five steps to get press for your jewellery business (0:50)

  • Why is press valuable for your brand? (1:18)

  • 1. Make a list of 10-20 places where you’d like to be featured (3:24)

  • 2. Find the contact information for a specific person at the publication (9:17)

  • 3. Plan out your pitch and find a unique angle or topic (13:50)

  • 4. Write your press release (21:05)

  • 5. Follow up once (25:07)

  • Don’t forget to include high-quality, high-res, and relevant images (25:50)

  • Invite people to attend a class with you, or even send them jewellery (27:06)

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