Most of us need a pair of glasses or contact lenses to see the beauty of world clearly. While each has its own benefits, contact lenses give you an edge of changing your eye color or making it look like you are not wearing one. There are various types of contacts like transparent, colored, soft, rigid, gas permeable, silicon based, moisture based, monthly, yearly and even daily ones. While each has its own benefit monthly contacts are pretty much popular among users due to its various offerings like multiple uses and durability. If you are a new user or want us to inform you about this already made choice of yours, we are happy to help. Below are 5 major points that will convince you that these lenses are worth a try or more. While buying these, all UAE shoppers can save huge money by using Eyewa promo code offered by as it is always wise to save. Check the reasons below.

Cost Effectiveness:

This is the first thing most of us see in a product because times are being tough. You can choose daily lenses but buying 30 disposable lens pairs for a month seems like too much work specially if you are someone who needs to wear lenses daily. As these are way affordable in cost and are healthy along with fuss free application than daily lenses.

Less Waste Produced:

These lenses create way less waste than the daily or weekly disposable lenses and even if might not seem much of a plus point in the start, it surely will when you will think of having a disposed contact lens pair in your bin every other day. Additional waste will be saved in the form of card boards, wrapping and the blister covering.

Ready to Go Contacts:

If you have ever used daily lenses, then you will be aware of the mess that they make on the travel while having the back-up glasses in each of your bag comes as an additional duty in case of emergency. Save yourself from the trouble and buy a pair of 3 month or 6 month lenses on discount by using Eyewa promo code given at

Better for Sensitive Eyes:

If you have sensitive eyes, then even a minor pollen or dust particle in the air can make you cry with pain, irritation and repent your decision of applying daily contacts. Daily contact lenses dry really quickly because these are supposed to be disposed after a day (or one wear) so not much moisture is added unlike the monthly contact lenses. 

Prescribed Vision Correction:

If your needs prescribed lenses, then buying daily contact lenses will never be a wise choice. Monthly contact lenses are far more wide range offering in this matter and provide you with needed results. If you are a UAE shopper, then we recommend you to use Eyewa promo code available at and gift yourself any lenses in discount.