The rocker look, seemingly casual, and sometimes even disheveled, is a very well thought out style that seeks to convey rebellion and transgression. If you look closely, some legends of this musical genre such as Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen or Kurt Cobain himself, have reflected in their styles a fabulous mix of daring and sophistication, so if you want to look like them, either to take to bring out your most music-loving side, or simply because you love this type of style, take note of the following keys.

The Huntress: Infallible and Eternal

According to the fashion designer of some stars like Slash or Iggy Pop, “it is not possible to think of rock without thinking of leather.”

Indeed, leather garments should become a constant for all your rock styles, especially in the mythical jackets. Without a doubt, and since Elvis Presley popularized them, leather jackets have become a staple of this type of outfit, so we recommend that you go to this must without thinking twice.

Adorned with zippers and a large number of pockets, tight to the body or looser, with a crossed closure look for the style that best suits you and bet on wearing them especially in the spring-summer season and during the winter months of the year.

For the summer, we recommend that you go to the leather vest, a piece from the 70s that has resurfaced in our days.

T-Shirts with Personality

If jackets are infallible for a rocker style, t-shirts are another ally that we cannot give up. You can wear them wide or narrow, with names or allegorical drawings of your favorite bands, or simply with a rebellious slogan that shows your daring.

In any case, remember that white is one of the most common colors in these cases, in addition to black and striped designs. Don’t mix too many colors either.

On the other hand, Woo Shirt is also a classic of the rock outfit, since it is in these regions where the movement originated. In addition, you can use plaid shirts to combine with your t-shirts if you are looking for a more grunge touch in the Nirvana style, or opt for exclusive prints and designs as commonly used by Thom Yorke or Jack White (The White Stripes).

A scruffy shirt with a contrasting color tie, a leather jacket, and a pair of skinny jeans is one of the many examples you can get of a rocker look.

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Skinny Jeans and Tears for your Pants

Longtime jeans are the undisputed kings of rocker style here. You can go for skinny pants, in red or black like Miles Kane (The Last Shadow Puppets) to achieve a casual British style, which combined with a trench coat or a fun t-shirt will make you look completely original.

If you decide, you can also opt for ripped jeans, although you should not abuse rips, although in recent times it is more common to see them only with broken knees. In general, ripped jeans, a shirt and sneakers are the perfect ingredients to achieve an urban rocker style that you can wear in your day-to-day life.

However, for those who prefer a more norm core trend, our recommendation is that they wear mostly loose clothing, with large jackets and baggy pants that seem chosen without any intention, although it never hurts to be inspired by the styles of Kurt Cobain or Pete Townshend (The Who) to play it safe.

Footwear: knowing how to combine it

To dress your feet, you also have a wide variety of options. From black Converse sneakers to black studded leather boots, you can choose the footwear that best suits the style you want to achieve.

Thus, skinny pants with black boots are practically inseparable, although you can always rely on the dress of some rockers like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Mason or Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day).

A Rebellious Hairstyle

You’re almost on the verge of achieving an enviable rocker look, but now, let’s focus on your hair. If you have long hair, congratulations, yes, more important than height, is that you show it completely natural and attractive in the purest Sergio Pizzorno (Kasabian) style.

On the contrary, if you have short hair, you should use some gel or hairspray to highlight your rocker look and acquire an extra touch of rebellion. Here you can shave the sides of the head and lift the remaining hair on top, or you can style your hair into a fine toupee, very fashionable among Elvis Presley fans back in the last century, but that has returned to be a trend in our days.

Finally, the Accessories

The final details of your outfit will be determined by typical and all-time elements in the rock movement, such as the studs on the jacket or boots, the short-brimmed as well asap rocky hats that you can combine with black blazers, the sunglasses, and scarves.

Yes. Scarves too. In essence, an open shirt, a long coat and a silk scarf are capable of taking you to a new level in your way of dressing like a true rocker. Test it.