2022 Wedding Boom: How to Handle The Busiest Wedding Season For Suppliers?

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The global pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, especially for couples planning a wedding. In the two years of the pandemic, planning a wedding has never been more difficult. As a result, many people delayed or even canceled their weddings.

With the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine and states opening up,, the situation is leveling off to pre-pandemic levels in 2022. People are starting to re-plan their weddings again.

The Wedding Market 2022 and Why It’s the Year of the Wedding

According to thewedding report’s Wedding Market Update data, 2.47 million couples are expected to get married in 2022, about 15% more than normal. And the average expenditure for a wedding is $24,300.

numbers of weddings for market summary
numbers of weddings for market summary

It’s also clear from Google Trends from April 2019 to now that the wedding industry is gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels and on the upswing.

wedding search term on google trends
wedding search term on google trends

So why is this year a busy year for weddings?

  1. Many of the factors affected by COVID have returned to pre-pandemic levels. Vaccination has reduced the risk of serious illness from the virus. Couples can host events without delay, and weddings are returning to “normal”. Therefore, many weddings that were postponed due to the pandemic are scheduled to take place in 2022.
  2. In addition to preparing for the postponed weddings, 2022 will also begin to welcome the next generation of couples – Gen Zers – to get married!

For wedding planners and vendors, the 2022 wedding season is a time not to be missed!

How to prepare for the wedding season as a supplier?

1.Prepare adequate wedding supplies in advance of the wedding season. Supply chain issues make wedding essentials like flowers and invitations hard to come by. If you need wholesale wedding supplies, bridal hair accessories and other products, order in advance.

2. Learn about the hottest wedding and bridal fashion trends for 2022. Global pandemics are changing the way people traditionally do things. Here are some of the latest trends we’ve noticed.

  • Weddings are becoming more personalized for couples. Many brides are completely ignoring traditional wedding standards and making their own rules.
  • Brighter color hues. Colorful wedding design is an outward expression of people’s joy, especially after a bad pandemic.
  • Sustainability. More and more people are incorporating sustainable elements into their weddings, choosing eco-friendly vendors.

Where can you bulk buy wedding jewelry and accessories?

The increased demand poses a challenge, but it also creates opportunities for collaboration on a local and even international scale. More and more wedding planners are starting to wholesale wedding products online. In addition, buying wedding supplies in bulk online can be a huge cost saving.

Nihao Jewelry is a great online site to bulk buy bridal jewelry and accessories. They offer a wide range of beautiful accessories from crowns and veils to hair combs and bridal jewelry sets.

Based on the 8 Accessory Trends from the Spring 2022 Bridal Fashion Week Collections from Brides, we have compiled some Nihao wedding collections for you.

Nihao Wedding Collections

Nihao Flower Headbands for Brides

For Spring 2022, brides may be drawn to colorful floral headbands and floral crowns, and Nihao offers faux artificial flowers that can be an affordable alternative to real flowers. These artificial flowers look very realistic and are available in a variety of colors for any theme of weddings. They will hold up better on the wedding day. More importantly, it’s sustainable. It can be reused on outings.

Nihao Pearl Accessories

Pearls are on the list again this year. Pearls have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years for their classic, timeless elegance. Designers are using pearls to accentuate the bridal look, whether it’s incorporating them into your hair accessories, veil, or even wedding dress.

Nihao Wedding Gloves

In the past few seasons, the retro style has strengthened its position in the fashion world. And bridal gloves are one of them. From delicate embroidered and crocheted pairs to elegant silk gloves, there is no shortage of options to choose from. Personalize your wedding look with mesh or lace gloves for spring and summer weddings.

Nihao Wedding Belts

Bridal belts are one of the unexpected trends for Spring 2022 Wedding Fashion Week. Not only will they highlight your waist, but they will also add pizzazz to your dress. Classic rhinestone belts, crystal belts, and pearl belts keep you looking elegant and glamorous at all times.

Bonus: 2022 Wedding Season

Spring and fall are often considered the peak wedding seasons. In terms of months, May, June, September and October are the most popular months for weddings. This year, however, is probably the busiest year in the wedding industry. If you’re expecting to get married this year or are in the industry, we suggest you plan and stock up early!

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