15 Of The Best Bow Ties That Are Ready To Be The Star Of Your Next Formal Event (2022 Edition)

The best bow ties provide the perfect finishing touch for those special-occasion outfits. You know, the times when a standard necktie just won’t suffice. Typically teamed with a tuxedo for a black-tie dress code, they’re also a favorite of dapper dandies looking to showcase their personal style.

A formal must-have for any well-rounded wardrobe (we all need to get dolled up every once in a while), they’ve been worn by discerning gents for hundreds of years. This includes some of the world’s best-dressed men, from Frank Sinatra to Steve McQueen and Ryan Gosling.

But how do you go about choosing the right one? We’ve compiled a list of the designs you can’t go without, whether you’re attending a wedding, awards evening, or work event. Keep reading for your fast-track ticket to bow tie perfection.


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Just as you would expect, Hugo Boss’ addition to the best bow ties is effortlessly elegant. Simple but sartorially perfect, it’s been crafted in Italy from the purest silk and boasts a subtle jacquard texture that gives an extra splash of detail. We can’t imagine teaming it with anything else other than a tuxedo, crisp white shirt, and patent shoes.

Some men are happy to blend in with the crowd, while others are committed to standing out from it. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll be a big fan of this feather bow tie from Sucrain. Made from premium feathers and durable leather, it’s a real conversation starter. It’s pretty clear this neckwear isn’t for the stylishly shy. Pair it with a plain shirt and blazer for a casual aesthetic, or inject some playfulness into formal tailoring.

Learning how to tie a some of the best bow ties is no easy feat. It takes patience, skill, and quite often a helping hand. For those who have neither the time nor patience, a clip-on bow tie is your savior. TieMart’s pre-tied version—which is available in over 20 colors—couldn’t be easier to use. Simply fasten it to your shirt, and you’re good to go. No one ever said men’s bow ties actually have to be tied.

This vibrant men’s bow tie from Hermes is just the ticket for getting all eyes on you. It’s ready-tied and decorated with an intricate ‘H’ pattern, offering a simple yet stylish way to add color to any suit. Sure, it’s on the pricey side, but it’ll be worth every dollar once the compliments start firing your way.

When the best bow ties are pre-tied, no one looses, but you really can’t beat the look of a self-tie design (plus the feeling of accomplishment you get from fastening it yourself). This version from Suitsupply is up there with the very best bow ties for men. It’s made from pure silk and cut a little wider than usual for extra impact. We suggest keeping this one for black tie dress only.

Fed up with watching endless YouTube tutorials? Lanvin’s bow tie is pre-tied for ease and speed, giving you more time to mingle and show off your stylish neck decor. Expertly cut from pure silk, this elegant design is finished with an adjustable hook to get the fit just right. It’s a great option for your next fancy event, especially when teamed with a sharp suit and crisp white shirt. They’ll never know you didn’t tie it yourself.

Christmas is all about the magic and sparkles, so this men’s bow tie from Eton is perfect for the festive season. Made in Italy from a beautifully soft velvet fabric, it’s embellished with crystals for a truly luxurious finish. Wear yours for New Year’s parties, or team it with a cardigan, shirt, and trousers on Christmas day. Add some literal sparkle to your sparkling repartee. P.S. it also makes an excellent gift choice.

Gucci’s velvet bow tie will take your formal outfits to a whole new level. Adjustable and pre-tied, it’s ready to go whenever you are. The burgundy color is a great alternative to black and helps add a pop of color to dark tailoring. It’ll work for any occasion—whether it’s a family wedding or a day at the races—but be careful not to wash it. This design should be dry cleaned only. 

If Mr. Bond was in the market for the best bow ties, we bet this one would be the first on his shopping list. Pre-tied for convenience and made from 100% silk, it’s the kind of design you’ll turn to time and time again. Wear it with a tuxedo shirt and suit, or up the ante with a cream dinner jacket for maximum impact. Either way, you’ll be dry martini ready.

Winter provides a golden opportunity to add some texture and depth to your outfits. It’s the perfect time to introduce chunky knitwear, tweed jackets, and tactile accessories like this wool bow tie from Ralph Lauren. Hand-stitched by Italian artisans, it’ll lend a large dose of luxury to casual tailoring—whether you’re heading to a garden party or a friend’s wedding.

The best pre-tied bow ties don’t actually look like they’ve been pre-tied. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them. It’s just that sometimes they can look a little stiff. Here’s the good news—this version from H&M will fool even the most eagle-eyed bow tie critic. Here’s the better news—the price tag will make your wallet heppy.

The knitted bow tie sits somewhere in the middle on the scale of formality, so it’s a versatile choice that can be worn year-round for endless occasions. Joh Henric’s can add subtle character to your favorite suit or help smarten up a button-down shirt for a more laid-back occasion. It’s affordable, pre-tied, and adjustable—so there’s no messing around. Did we mention it’s also made of silk for an extra dose of swagger? 

A white bow tie is an absolute must for, you guessed it, white tie events (strictly no deviations allowed). This version from Reiss is an elegant addition to any accessory collection. It’s crafted from grosgrain silk and features a clip fastening at the back for ease. Stick to the dress code like a pro by teaming it with an evening tailcoat, shirt, waistcoat, and high-waisted tuxedo trousers.

Ideal for your next summer wedding, this linen-blend bow tie is a match made in heaven for a button-down shirt, braces, and chinos. It’s pre-tied with an adjustable strap and comes in 14 color variations. And for the price, you won’t feel bad about buying all of them. While it’s a stylish option for semi-formal occasions, avoid wearing it to anything that requires a more serious ensemble. There are plenty of other options for men’s bow ties on this list for swankier outings.

Favourbrook produces luxury formalwear with a difference. They’re rooted in tradition but by no means constrained by it. Case in point is the label’s classic yet playful silk bow tie. Every bit as elegant as its less characterful counterparts, it comes decorated with white polka dots for a subtle splash of charisma. It’ll work just as well with black tie attire as it will with a formal shirt and blazer. Best of both worlds.

What to Look For In The Best Bow Ties


Bow ties for men are available in a range of different fabrics. To ensure you’re picking the right one, you need to decide on the level of formality you want to convey. For the most formal occasions, a silk or velvet bow tie should be your port of call. If you’re dressing down slightly, choose a design made from less lustrous fabrics, such as cotton. Linen is always a good choice for dapper summer outings.


There are three main styles of bow ties, and which one you go for is down to personal preference. Clip-on bow ties are the most convenient. However, they can sometimes (not always) look cheap. Self-tie options look the best but only if they’re done correctly. Then there’s the pre-tied option, offering a happy medium. It really comes down to choosing a style you feel most comfortable with.

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When it comes to choosing the color for the best bow ties, the rules are pretty simple. Heading to a black-tie party? Black bow tie. White tie event? White bow tie. For anything else, the decision is yours. Just bear in mind the more colorful the best bow ties are, the less formal your outfit will generally look. If you want to keep it smart and classy, stick to darker colors such as gray or navy. Alternatively, bright and bold versions offer a great way to show off your playful sense of style.


    • Getting ready for a big event can be stressful, even more so if you have to fiddle around with your bow tie. To make your life easier, you may want to invest in a clip-on or pre-tied version. These are especially handy if you’re getting ready alone.

      Putting on a clip-on bow tie couldn’t be easier. You simply clip it onto the desired spot. Pre-tied bow ties involve a little more work but are just as simple. Start by taking the clip and folding the strap back on itself to a length that feels snug (but comfortable) around your neck. You can adjust the length by sliding the clip into one of the slots on the back of the strap. Most pre-tied bow ties will come with various collar sizes written on the back. Finally, take both clips and hook them together.

      • Storing your bow tie correctly will help maintain its sharp appearance and prolong its lifespan. This will not only make sure you always look your best, but it will save you money in the long run too. Unless your bow tie is pre-tied with a clip, you should keep it untied and either hung on a rack or loosely rolled in a drawer to prevent wrinkling.

        • You’ve received an invitation to a fancy event—wedding, gala, birthday. It’s an outing that requires you to look more than just presentable. Being the super-organized guy you are (no sarcasm intended), you’ve also decided what you’re going to wear. This includes a bow tie. Everything was going smoothly until you realized you didn’t know how to tie the bow tie.


          Panic mode: ON.

          But it doesn’t need to be terrifying. Tying a bow tie is actually a fairly simple process—once you get the hang of it. Here’s how it’s done:


          • Start by draping the bow tie over your neck. The left side should hang slightly longer than the right.
          • Next, cross the longer end over the shorter end. Pull it under and through the neck loop to form a knot.
          • Now, fold the shorter end up to form the front part of the bow.
          • Bring the longer end over the center of the bow and hold it in place.
          • Pinch the bow together and pull it out from your neck just enough to expose the small hole that’s been formed behind it.
          • Fold the longer end into a bow shape and pull it through that hole.
          • Finally, tighten the bow and adjust as necessary.