Urban Clothing That is Still Relevant Now

Urban fashion is a style born off the streets. It’s a very rough, violent and wild fashion that opposes the norm. A lot of media often match urban fashion with hip-hop for its common beginning. In hindsight, urban streetwear is hip-hop clothes that make a person look like he is going to war on the streets.

Although considered as a fashion that is left behind by time, urban clothing evolved and changed with the tides. Leaving an impression that would last. Here is a list of the things that made urban clothing its genre.

Camouflage pants

Although military wear, camouflage pants became a staple part of fashion. This style was used so that black people on the hood would use it as a bluff. They looked menacing wearing it giving the impression that they were part of the military. A lot of people embraced the idea, and it slowly became a part of fashion rather than being used to intimidate. People, nowadays, wear it with grace in contrast to the reason why it started.

Long Shirts

Back in the 1980s, hip-hop was a significant part of our society. It reigned supreme and urban wears were called grunge. One of the most redeeming factors of this era is the long or overly large clothes that sweep and get dragged along the floor. But these slowly adjusted to the needs of people and the long baggy clothes had to be forgotten. Despite the challenge of time, these long and overly large clothes stayed. Some minor alterations like basketball and hockey jerseys were added to the mix.


One thing that you do not miss in a rapper is their ridiculous accessories mostly pertaining on necklaces as big as their necks reaching their stomachs. These chains are mostly adorned with gold and a pendant which gives of a larger than life vibe.

Baseball Hats

In today’s era, baseball hats have become popular. These things are usually worn with the baseball hats worn backwards or with the front slightly tilting to the side of your nape. This evolved and adapted very flawlessly through the times, and now you can generally match them with any attire that you own. Even wearing it in formal wear is starting to become the norm!

Bucket Hats

Unlike the baseball hat, the bucket hat had to go. This piece of urban culture was the first to bite the dust not only because of its bad style and design but for its lack of functionality. However, nowadays, it is starting to gain a following because of its popularity in South Korea. A lot of famous Korean celebrities have started to use it as a part of their everyday wear.

Despite urban fashion history, it is still as strong as it was in the olden days. People get more creative and use it with a twist. More and more things are added to the mix, and the overall look keeps evolving.