Month: March 2019

Urban Clothing That is Still Relevant Now

Urban fashion is a style born off the streets. It’s a very rough, violent and wild fashion that opposes the norm. A lot of media often match urban fashion with hip-hop for its common beginning. In hindsight, urban streetwear is hip-hop clothes that make a person look like he is going to war on the streets.

Although considered as a fashion that is left behind by time, urban clothing evolved and changed with the tides. Leaving an impression that would last. Here is a list of the things that made urban clothing its genre.

Camouflage pants

Although military wear, camouflage pants became a staple part of fashion. This style was used so that black people on the hood would use it as a bluff. They looked menacing wearing it giving the impression that they were part of the military. A lot of people embraced the idea, and it slowly became a part of fashion rather than being used to intimidate. People, nowadays, wear it with grace in contrast to the reason why it started.

Long Shirts

Back in the 1980s, hip-hop was a significant part of our society. It reigned supreme and urban wears were called grunge. One of the … Read More